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Finger on trigger, afraid to handle weapon

This is a discussion on Finger on trigger, afraid to handle weapon within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I believe the OP was referring to long guns. It is only natural when you shoulder a long gun to place your finger in the ...

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Thread: Finger on trigger, afraid to handle weapon

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    I believe the OP was referring to long guns. It is only natural when you shoulder a long gun to place your finger in the trigger guard and rest your finger on the trigger. Normaly the safety is operated with your thumb. Handing a rifle or shotgun to someone to examine you would make sure the weapon is clear before handing it over then watch where the muzzle is pointing. The normal person would want to dry fire the weapon. After years of hunting the rifle or shotgun comes up to the shoulder, the finger goes on the trigger. You make sure you have a clear shot. Release the safety. Pull trigger. You don't have much time.Take meat home. Handling pistols and revolvers is a different drill. Keep your finger off the trigger till you are ready to fire. I think you are giving the guy to much flack. I don't usually chip in on these disagreements but I had to put in my two cents.
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    This topic can never be over-emphasized. Here in Michigan just recently, a 17
    year veteran of the Ottawa County Sheriffs' Department was charged for the
    negligent discharge of his department issue .40 Glock which resulted in near
    fatal injuries to a college student durimg the search of the student's apartment.
    The deputy is suspended. A neighboring county prosecutor was asked to handle this investigation, and the Michigan State Police investigation determined
    that the deputy's finger WAS IN THE TRIGGER GUARD. When the student raised his hands suddenly to shield his eyes from the deputy's flashlight, the
    startled deputy's finger depressed the trigger firing the shot into the student.
    Anti-law enforcement demonstrations have occurred at various Michigan college
    campuses. The bottom line is good training requires a hard nosed, no nonsense
    range officer, and fellow officers constantly reminding each other of the possible
    consequences of careless firearms handling.

    In the federal agency from which I retired in 1988, an agent carelessly had the
    trigger finger on the trigger during the drawing of her S&W Model 19. We
    trained with the same ammo we carried, and she incurred a very painful and
    embarrassing injury to her right buttock. During that day of range training,
    there were many fellow male agents rushing to apply direct pressure to control
    the bleeding of this enlightened (and pretty) agent. Needless to say, to her
    misfortune, her experience was described to countless trainees of the importance of keeping one's finger outside the trigger guard until on target and
    ready to fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BkCo1 View Post
    I believe the OP was referring to long guns. It is only natural when you shoulder a long gun to place your finger in the trigger guard and rest your finger on the trigger. Normaly the safety is operated with your thumb.
    No. Long guns are the same as handguns: keep your finger straight along the receiver until the gun is pointed at the target and you have decided to shoot.

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    When deer hunting, I'm guilty. Best buck 30 years ago in NE MN near the CND border and a full even 10 point whitetail at 5pm, finger off the trigger, then placed it as the buck was browsing. Final step is to sloowly take off the safety and worry the noise may spook him. Dressed out at 215. The mount is on my wall.
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    Im sure the OP has been angered enough to not reply, and/or even not return to this forum.

    If in case he is still reading, i will say that at the very least, practicing to place your finger along side the frame of a rifle or handgun puts you into the habbit of doing this when handling every gun you pick up.

    Not placing your finger on the trigger means you dont have to worry about how hard or light a trigger is, and an accident happening because "i didnt know it was so light".

    And if you ever intend on making new friends at the range, a finger inside the trigger isnt going to help.
    "...trying to get a long gun into play while someone is all over you like a monkey eating a cupcake is not very conducive to good survival techniques." ~Bark'n

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    I just think it's best to train my finger to be straight and outside the trigger guard until I have the gun full unholstered and aimed and have decided to shoot. It's the only "safety" on my gun. Also when reholstering my finger covers the trigger and keeps any foreign objects like clothing from being inside the trigger guard and possibly catching.

    I think you're going to have a hard time finding people who agree with your point of view.

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    Good reminder but I have to say that NONE of my friends place their finger inside the trigger guard when handling weapons, rifles, shotguns or handguns unless they're on target and ready to shoot. We're all quite willing to correct one another too and accepting of that correction if it does come our way.
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    It may or may not be relevant, but with my firearms, my finger is always straight and off the trigger until I am ready to fire. I play paintball all the time, and with my paintball guns, I always have my fingers in the trigger guard. I've had zero AD/NDs with my firearms. I've had plenty throughout the years with my paintball guns. The only difference is the finger in the trigger. You can trip, slip, twist, fall, your grip can slip, you can get bumped...millions of things can cause your finger to move back or your hand to clench.

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    OK, I did not read every post here, BUT I can only suggest that the original poster give concrete instruction to Father In law & 3 sons BEFORE handing over the piece that fingers inside the trigger guard is PROHIBITED.

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    I know that I'm repeating the comments of other members. But putting your finger inside the trigger guard near the trigger is not the wisest thing to do. Even when I'm alone at home & I know I would never squeeze the trigger in normal handling, it is something I never do.

    This is very important when I handle my G26. Once I put my index finger on the trigger ALL the safeties are now off! The last thing I want to do is have an accidental discharge. This is the one aspect of glocks that I have come to accept.

    This reminds me of something the CCW class instructor mentioned in class. The average handgun bullet travels through SIX manufactured walls!!! I don't want to be the cause of any accidental deaths.

    Just a thought!
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