Question about the background check?

Question about the background check?

This is a discussion on Question about the background check? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sooo....... Lets say HYPOTHETICALLY A guy got a speeding ticket and has been out of a job for, oh say 7 months so has no ...

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Thread: Question about the background check?

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    Question about the background check?

    Sooo....... Lets say HYPOTHETICALLY A guy got a speeding ticket and has been out of a job for, oh say 7 months so has no money to pay yet. Its a few days late and goes into a warrant status. This same guy sent in his CCW permit on Feb. 14 and they took the money on Mar 10. recieved ticket in mid April. How wll this affect the permit and background check process? The ticket will be paid this week in order to keep from a jail sentence but will it still cause a problem?

    Thanks in advance. Let the criticism begin

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    I'd guess thatit depends on what date they run "hypothetical man." If they ran him early then all is well, as I doubt they check again the day before they put the card in the mail...
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    Go to the issuing agency and get served your warrant, get a new court date. This will clear the warrant and buy you some time to pay up.
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    Did this person contact the court or was he irresponsible and do nothing?
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    Listen to Sixto, he is giving you good advice.

    I don't expect you to get out of this completely scratch free, but you should be able to work it out.

    Hypothetically of course.
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    I think the NICS backround check only looks for felonious or domestic violence criminal activity. A speeding ticket warrant shouldn't affect a federal criminal background check.
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    Hypothetically if the BG check is ran before the warrant is issued there is a chance it won't be caught. However I would do as SIXTO recommended. Not positive, but I would suspect a judge will look with more favor on someone who comes forward, versus someone who has to be chased down to be served.

    Of course our hypothetical man could hypothetically blow off the whole hypothetical situation and hypothetically never get caught.

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    Hypothetically what SIXTO suggests, if not, they will find you and then you'll have some 'hypothetical' marks on your record.
    Then you'll have to buy some 'hypothetical' remover, and that stuff can be expensive.

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    Most places allow you to set up a payment plan. A buddy of mine was *way* behind on taxes in San Francisco and he set up a $10/month payment plan on thousands and thousands of back debt...

    If you go in as Sixto recommends, you'll probably get more leniancy in setting up a plan. They ought to understand that having you get arrested when you're out of a job does nobody any favors.

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    Yeah...I don't figure a traffic violation would be that big of a deal. Failure to appear is what most warrants get issued for usually. Like stated to the issuing authority or the prosecuting attorney to straighten things out. Even though the red tape of bureaucracy generally runs like molasses in January, I wouldn't count on it 100% of the time. Payment options are good, and maybe take a defensive driving course for good measure even if not required. There are also a few tips to keep things from ruining your insurance if you know where to look and what to do. Good luck with everything.

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    Always best to handle things up front, or they come back and bite you in the butt.

    Back when I was young, I got a ticket and forgot to go to court, remembered the next day and had to post $100 cash bond and get a new court date. Second court date I was sick as a dog, another cash bond, another court date. You can be sure I made that one, I needed that money back.

    Do as Sixto suggested, then if it does crop up, you can show that you made an effort to clear it up and it hopefully won't do any more than hold things up a bit more.
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    Well I have talked to them over the phone a few time and told them my situation. I'll call tomorrow and see what we can do. If they will let me I'll just pay over the phone and be done with it.

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