Why you don't notify you are carrying

Why you don't notify you are carrying

This is a discussion on Why you don't notify you are carrying within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ran across this linked on another website. I don't think it is representative of the general police population but it certainly makes the case ...

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Thread: Why you don't notify you are carrying

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    Why you don't notify you are carrying

    I ran across this linked on another website. I don't think it is representative of the general police population but it certainly makes the case of why you don't notify the PO you are carrying unless required to by state law.

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    FWIW, many of the posters on that website are total jerks with a very limited perception of reality. There are some excellent officers on there, but they are usually overwhelmed by testosterone filled,badge heavy children that never got past the "hey... look at me" stage. Some of them cant even carry on an intelligent conversation, so if you are looking for how "most" cops act,or think, that ain't the place to go.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I agree Hotguns. Some of the posts dont seem to understand that a LEO's life is on the line every day. They have to do things to minimize the threat. If he feels the need to disarm me, then do it.

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    Yep, looks like there are some real big guy wanta bees on that site and if you stripped some of them of their badges and guns and put them out on the street they might be horrified and scurry home.

    However, since it is the law in Texas I will continue to give any officer that asks for identification my DL and CHL, and probably would do the same when traveling in a area that it isn't required. Never yet have I been asked to disarm since all the officers I have come into contact with were professional and reasonable in their actions.

    If for some reason I get ripped from the car, and thrown over the hood whatever bacause they feel threatened that I have a gun, well we will deal with that later with the seargent or supervisor or some other officer up the line.
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    So you are saying that is a bad idea to make the officer a little less nervous during an encounter in which he has some discretion on issuing a citation of some sort?
    Additionally what happens if he inotices the outline of a weapon he has not been informed of? I think that is the scenario I would be most concerned with. How do you know the stop he or she made directly before yours did not in volve a crazed gunman who shot six people, and his nerves arent a little on the jumpy side? The reason I carry a weapon is to defend life if need be. If I did not inform a leo that I am armed in a situation where he and I will be spending a few minutes together on the side of the road is jeopordizing my life needlessly. At least in my opinnion.

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    I’ve worked as an LEO, but I carry via Florida’s CCL. I can see a traffic cops reasoning for not wanting a person they are giving a ticket to NOT to be armed. But thank God in Florida we don’t have to tell an LEO, so I never do unless is absolutely necessary. Concealed is concealed…

    Reading some of those post in that other website, reminds me how much love this one.

    I’ll also say, I work around local SD and PD all the time, and all of them are great. Now I don’t know if it’s because some of them know I use to be an LEO or they have never noticed the G26 on my hip, but I never been asked for my CCL, nor has any of them ever mentioned it to me.

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    Cops are great, until they aren't to you.... The cops know I'm carrying and they don't get close enough to me to disarm me (I don't let them). Of course I usually have a video camera on me so they best be on their best behavior.
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    I got a little sick, I really mean sick, my stomach was like upset, at some of the posts on there. The arrogance that some of the posters have.
    I saw one cop that seemed to have his head on straight, then other cops attacked him. And the ones that have their version of the constitution. Some just have to be doing it to make people upset.

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    Wow. Some of the responses to that post are absolutely scary--not to mention completely ignorant. If LEOs actually behaved as some of those who responded there say the would, it would be a gross violation of your civil rights and I would hope anybody on here who was treated that way would take them to court over it. Unbelievable disrespect for the law and civil rights reflected in many of those comments--especially coming from LEOs.

    I especially liked the ignoramus who said he didn't want anyone else around him armed unless the were LE--what an arrogant jerk. In my experience, other LE are no more qualified in the vast majority of cases to safely handle firearms than your average civi handgun owner. Many of them are incredibly incompetent when it comes to handling firearms. And I do not mean that as a general put down on LEOs. I like LEOs and work with them regularly. The majority of them are hard-working, honest, upstanding individuals. But there is a significant minority out there who are just thugs with badges and guns and/or morons who should never have been sworn in the first place.


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    Out of pure courtesy I will always tell the officer I have a CCW on me. Regardless of the law of not, I hand over my drivers license and my CHL at the same time. Maybe some will call that stupid but I don't want to ever give the officer the idea I'm hiding something.

    If at that time they ask for my weapon I am not going to argue. I will hand it over and deal with it.

    I would hope that no officer would overreact at that and pull me out, and toss me on the hood of the car. I cannot imagine they would, and if they did I'd be calling a lawyer pretty quickly.

    I've run into many cops who were jerks, but for every one of those I've run into many MANY more who were good at their jobs and acted accordingly.

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    Wow. That thread was a big na-na-na-na-boo-boo post. Sad. Especially the belittling of the Constitution and the 2nd.
    "He who does not punish evil commands it to be done." - Leonardo da Vinci

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeCalsey View Post
    Don't say a word unless you need to. Comply but don't volunteer
    Well said. Why would anyone want to complicate a routine traffic stop?

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    I'll do what the law asks of me. I have to show my DL AND my CHL if I'm carrying UPON REQUEST.

    If I'm not carrying I'll show my DL UPON REQUEST and CHL just out of habit....they are taped together so I won't have one and not the other.


    Agreed, those are a bunch of blow hard jokers on that other forum....there are plenty of them out there....

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    A lot of chips on those shoulders.....no disrespect to LE....but some of the most dangerous people I've seen (at incorrectly handling a firearm) were cops....with that said, some of the most proficient people I've know were also cops....every job has idiots that work there....I'm in NY and the few times I've been pulled over, my CCW and Drivers License were handed over together so that in the event I was asked to exit the vehicle, everything was understood....once I was disarmed and I asked the LEO to unload it way over there...he asked why and I said that I don't trust him....4" 1911, wasn't sure if he was a gun guy or not....
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