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My wife has no idea that I have just recieved my permit...

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Thread: My wife has no idea that I have just recieved my permit...

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    "Thinking about body armor"

    Hehehe. How about crotch protection?

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    I guess I'm lucky. My fiancee not only approves, she says she feels safer with me carrying.
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    At some point, you know you will have to officially tell her you carry. It's inevitable. Keeping things from the wife is bad, ummmkay!

    On the other hand, knowing you carry for her's and your protection will be something she will get used to over time, so letting her know now will begin the process.

    My wife is from Illinois originally. When I went to get my permit in Nov. '08, I really didn't know what she would think. After mine came, she said she wants to get hers. We've even gone to Beech Fork range to shoot and she loves it. She knows that I carry, but I don't always announce it, but she never says a thing about it either. Hope things work out for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wvav8tor View Post

    ...Why are you bringing that thing now?

    What are you so afraid of?

    You’re not bringing that over to my daughters I have Grand kids.

    Man are you paranoid.

    That thing is eventually going to get you in trouble...

    I’m not currently a husband although I use to play one on a TV. No seriously, I can just hear those same stagnant lines from my former employer. They must all read from the same playbook.
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    I don't know that it's lying, but it's still a sin of omission. As a wife, may I suggest that while sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, this may NOT be one of those times. Especially if she has strong feelings on the issue. Break it to her gently, but she may very well (rightfully so) be really upset when she eventually finds out.

    And we always find out. Find a way to break it to her gently. I hear romantic dinners and shiny things like jewelry go a long way towards softening the blow :)
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    Since I work from home, and alone most of the day I have carried since I bought the gun and holster, even before my CPL class and eventually my permit.
    Hubby asked, almost daily, "Why are you carring that thing around the house?"
    Oddly enough he hasn't asked since the day he got his CPL, and he gets dressed like I do, his carry gun is part of getting dressed, just like mine is.
    Part of this is probably although we both applied at exactly the same time I got my CPL a month before he got his. Now he undertands
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    From a "tactical" standpoint, I think it's important that your wife knows you are carrying. A SHTF situation may arise when you are together and if she is unaware that you are armed, she could react in a different way. She might panic if she thinks you're unarmed. She probably won't if she knows you're carrying. Just my opinion.

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    Hmmmmm, if she doesn't know that, you just might be doing something wrong.......!
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    Don't worry guys, she knows I am getting a CPL for a reason, and that ain't to frame and hang on the wall. Just a fine line between being considerate and not making a big deal about it, and being deceitful. Gotta be diplomatic in a partnership especially when money is tight, and I want new holsters, guns and ammo LOL.
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    When I first started carrying a few years ago - my wife sometimes made commends about me being a gun nut & why do you have to bring it everywhere we go - etc...
    One evening we went into a fast food sit down & while we were eating - a couple "gansta" looking young guys came in and were kinda loud with their slang talking at the register - nothing bad just mouthy and loud.
    My wife was a little nervious - leaned across the table and in a low voice asked me - "Do you have your gun with you?"
    I almost laughed out loud - I said "Oh, NOW you feel better knowing I have it."

    YOU don't pick the time or place something bad might happen - advance notice to be sure you carry there and not somewhere else - THEY (Bad Guys) pick this and you'd better not be without if\when something happens.

    She's okay now - no more problems about CC from her anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColoradoDave View Post
    Just a fine line between being considerate and not making a big deal about it, and being deceitful. Gotta be diplomatic in a partnership....
    It is a very fine line. And I would have felt like my husband crossed over it if he didn't tell me. Avoiding a head-on collision with a spouse prevents many a headache. But I would be angry that something so important was kept from me.

    Maybe you could be up front about it with her and say "Well, I got my CC license, and I'm going to carry. But I know you're not really keen on it, so I'm not going to make a big deal about it." Or something like that.
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    Bad Idea. I can't believe I even have to tell you this!

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    You never said what you were carrying, what gun is it?

    My fiance started out the same way, now she helps me conceal mine. "Nope not in that shirt" " I can see it if you bend down" "Yup that works I don't even know you have it!" So glad she has come around, and she really helps keep an eye on things too. Now, when she finally says "Ok I'll put mine in my purse and take it with me," I'll really have made some progress.
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    Better off not telling her. The first time I carried my wife outed me to her girlfriend even after I told her to "tell no one".

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    Touchy subject. To tell or not to tell.....that is the question.

    I told my wife that I wanted to get my CCW and she reluctanly gave her approval. She only did it after I told her this was a non-negotiable issue and I was going to do it anyway, but I thought she should know. She doesn't like it because of our (little) kids but she likes it for the security.

    The bottom line is that women (Generally) like a man that can provide them with security and comfort. Not trying to make this a material HE / SHE Venus Mars kinda thing but it has some truth to it.

    My wife also knows that if / when the SHTF....she will be OK as long as we are together. You might want to tell her before she finds out....that usually doesn't go too well
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