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This is a discussion on Just a thought... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had an LEO encounter while carrying, NOT because of anything I did, but because I got rearended at a traffic light. So, you may ...

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Thread: Just a thought...

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    I had an LEO encounter while carrying, NOT because of anything I did, but because I got rearended at a traffic light.

    So, you may have need to interact with a LE officer without doing anything wrong! Don't overlook that possibility.
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    If you break the law, you may get pulled over. I think everyone already knew that.

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    I think it's pretty widely acknowledged that speed limits are set much lower than traffic actually moves in most of the country. Although police can pull you over for doing 40 in a 35 zone, most of the time they won't unless they're suspicious and want a reason to pull you over and talk to you.

    In a nutshell: everyone speeds sometimes. Everyone occasionally fails to signal the requisite 100 ft before the turn or lane change. Everyone will have a tail light or brake light go out and not notice. (How often are you behind your own car when it's running?)

    So please don't take a better-than-you attitude toward people who get pulled over. If you get pulled over for speeding, it's your fault because you knew the rules -- but you're also feeling the effects of a system that's set up in such a way that you're passively encouraged to break minor rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delcorbett View Post
    My perfect example, just a day or so ago. I was on a short road trip to Orlando with a few fellow employees headed for Universal Studios. The speedometer decided to creep up on me as it is a long stretch that turnpike is, lol. Well the officer pulled me over. As she approached the window (my car off, radio off, hands on the steering wheel) she said she clocked me at so and so speed.

    She asked for my license, registration, and insurance. I also added my ccw permit and was just about to mention that I had a gun on my right hip when she saw the ccw permit, the hair on her neck went up... lol She yelled, YOU HAVE A GUN ON YOU??? to which I said yes. She asked where it was and i told her my right hip. She immediately asked me to step out of the vehicle, turn around and put my hand on the car, I did with no issue. She then searched my left and right hip till she found it, yanked it off me and yelled at me WHAT REASON DO YOU NEED TO CARRY A FIREARM???

    I was a tad snippy now for such rash treatment, when I did everything she asked with no issue, I told her "Because I have the legal right too" with no tone. In hind sight it probably did not help, lol, you live and you learn. Well she asked me to get back in my car, I did. A few minutes later she came back asked me to pop my trunk (illegal search?) and deposited my gun and then closed it and handed me my magazine. Handed me ticket, I signed as asked. While signing it she proceeded to lecture me as to "what did they teach you in the ccw class you took?" "What is the first thing you do when a officer pulls you over"? I told her to comply with everything the officer says. She asked me why I didn't tell her I had a gun. I said that I was about to as I handed her my license, insurance. and reg.

    Well I didn't get out of ticket that day, but I guess every day is a learning experience. I learned to be more preemptive in mentioning my carry status.
    I learned not to "because I have a legal right too". lol
    I imagine that the most dangerous part of a highway patrol officers job is when ever they stop some random fool like me and approach the window, they never know what is inside.
    I also learned not all leo's are as cool as others when it comes to citizens who ccw.
    Just my two cents...
    Was this a Florida state trooper or what?
    Just wondering, as there is no requirement in Florida to notify the officer you are carrying, regardless of her opinion.

    This is important, for if you are expected to obey the cop even when he/she is wrong, that is a real problem.
    Anti-gunners seem to believe that if we just pass enough laws, we can have utopia. Unfortunately, utopia is NOT one of our choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavDoc View Post
    I may not make any friends with this post, so, here it goes.

    I have read other posts concerning whether or not to notify LEO's if you are carrying when you get pulled over by police. There are many opinions on this. Some choose disregard state law. Some, do not. Some states do not require notification. Some do. This subject has beaten a dead horse.

    So, my question is....WHY DID YOU GET PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE IN THE FIRST PALCE? Speeding, equipment violation, moving violation, talking on a cell phone, etc.

    If you do not do the above, maintain your vehicle, obey current laws, there SHOULD NOT be a reason to be pulled over in the first place. There must be reasonable suspicion to pull you over. If you do not draw attention to your self, then you have nothing to worry about.

    You have the right to put yourself into a position which attracts the attention of law enforcement. But, if you do so, there may be consequences of you choice.

    I'm not a Mr Goodie Goodie here. I like to add a little extra pressure to the gas petal. But I understand that in doing so, I may get pulled over by LEO. I am confident that MOST LEO's will handle the situation professionally when I comply with state law and tell them that I am CCW.

    I do not know the authors of the other posts nor their friends. But just maybe, they often put themselves in a position to be pulled over.

    I have said enough.
    I could not agree with you more.

    The two times I have been pulled over in the last ten years was for... drum roll please... not using a turn signal when moving over into the newly formed lane for exiting the interstate. It was my understanding, and was confirmed by the Sheriff in Williamson County that when the lane begins, there are no white dashed lines and a turn signal is not necessary. It is when the dashed lines start that identifies that there could be traffic that needs to know your intentions to move over. Nether officer wrote me a ticket. They both warned me verbally to use my turn signals at all times. I DO!!! When it makes sense to do so.

    My last traffic citation was January 2nd 1992... 61 in a 55 in Las Cruses New Mexico. $140 for 6 miles over in 1992.
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    useless thread.
    Navdoc has never been pulled over, YAY !

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    One other thing I will point out that I don't think others have. Not all states require LEO notification of carrying. So these posts can give the people that live in states where it is not required an idea of the best option to consider when they are in that situation.

    I'll add some of my experiences to the mix:

    I've been pulled over for doing something stupid when I was 16 (ticketed)

    Also around then when my taillights were out and I didn't know it.

    A couple years ago I was pulled over at night when I had pulled out of a gas station on to a very well lit street and didn't realize my lights weren't on (officer completely understood, no ticket).

    Once I "supposedly" ran a red light, but I think it was yellow when I hit the white line. But I will say this, that was one super short yellow light. Thing is, I was going the speed limit the whole time and I saw the officer waiting to my right at the same traffic light. I wouldn't have tried to "beat" a red light in front of the guy.(ticketed)

    And then I was pulled over once more a couple years ago for doing around 35 in a 25 at like 11 PM in the middle of nowhere (no ticket).

    Point is, no one is perfect...some people (not me) would ask why you carry a gun, why not put yourself in a position like that in the first place. And I would say again, there are too many variables that can occur.
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    I think it's funny that Navdoc hasn't even replied to his own thread.... anyways...

    What about the person who has a brake light out that they don't know about? duh! Or some one who is pulled over because their car matches the discription of somebody they are looking for? I love that people like to get upset at other people without even thinking of all the variables.
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    I think if you get pulled over once in your life you should never ever be allowed to drive a motor vehicle again. Shame on you! For crying out loud what were you thinking??? We need big government to step up to the plate here. I mean seriously guys, who really wants someone driving on the road who has been pulled over? Wake up America!

    Further more I have heard of people getting stopped by the police just for walking down the street. Why, well because they just happen to be looking for a BG who kinda sorta looks like YOU. Hummm, you really should have prevented that one. I mean come on, get with the program. We should all have an up to date pictorial of all the BG's who the police are looking for so we won't look like one of those guys. That goes for cars too. "Amber Alert, looking for 2001 green ford focus" oh shoot, that's what I am driving. Oh bugger!!! Shame on me, I should have been thinking better Oh I am a ferretheaded fool!!!

    By the way, I have been pulled over what I can recall at least 10 times. 9 of which all happened between age 17 and 22. I believe I have been ticketed only 3 times. I have been pulled over for mostly not obeying traffic rules. However, I have been pulled over for somethings that were not my fault at all. I was abiding in the law. I now have a clean driving record

    Anyways, I must say I don't really see the point of the OP. But that's ok.

    Oh and I will be having a very serious talk to my kid who threw a gum wrapper out my window while I was driving in a very law abiding way the other day....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom Doc View Post
    Was this a Florida state trooper or what?
    Just wondering, as there is no requirement in Florida to notify the officer you are carrying, regardless of her opinion.

    This is important, for if you are expected to obey the cop even when he/she is wrong, that is a real problem.
    She was not a state trooper, I think she was a St. Lucie Officer.
    Regardless, in Florida you have no obligation to notify of your carry status. If they were to ask me if I have any weapons, of coarse I would say so, but I don't have to volunteer the info on my own.

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    I knew there was a DUI checkpoint in my area, so I armed myself and went for a motorcycle ride just so I could check it out.

    Where is the OP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavDoc View Post
    So, my question is....WHY DID YOU GET PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE IN THE FIRST PALCE? Speeding, equipment violation, moving violation, talking on a cell phone, etc.
    Well lets see. Back in the day when I was young I was pulled over for having long hair. They claimed I was driving left of center, something very hard to disprove.

    Driving through a small town at 3 A.M.
    Driving through a neighborhood when the color of your skin doesn't match the locals.
    Driving through a small town with an out of state tag.

    I have been pulled over for all of the above. I'm sure there are many more reasons to be pulled over.


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    Some of the others have responded with better worded versions of my own thoughts than I would likely write, so I'm going to try a story.

    When I was still single, probably 1991 or so, I was coming home from my girlfriend's house late one night and driving through the tiny town of Mariemont. It was no place to be speeding and I was always careful, at least that's what I thought. I was doing about 36 mph through the town square when flashers lit up behind me. So I pulled over and rolled down my window. A cop came up and asked me if I was headed to a fire or something. He said he clocked me doing 36 mph. At this point in my life I'd been a good boy for a long time and I was really blown away that anyone would want to give me grief over 1 mph. There was quite a pause while I tried to figure out what to say. Nothing brilliant comes to me. Finally, I say, "Officer, are you really sure you have the right car?" It wasn't nasty, more of a tired, confused, query. Well, I wasn't quite ready for what happened next. The guy started to speak, it turned into a snort, and then he's just standing in the street laughing. He told me that the signage was pretty poor, but the area right through the town square was 25 mph. I guess when you're looking at taking a bullet every time you pull someone over, maybe it's some nice comic relief to come across someone who genuinely thought he was in the right and isn't going to argue about the ticket. And I didn't get that ticket. He was still laughing when he walked back to his car. It was one of the first of many things that made me reexamine some of my views on the police.

    But I thought I was being careful at the time and sure didn't realize I was speeding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjm View Post
    Finally, I say, "Officer, are you really sure you have the right car?"
    As others have asked,
    Where is the OP?
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    The hard reality of it, is that every jurisdiction in America is broke. I've seen a proliferation of more speed-traps, safety checkpoints, and borderline harassment stops, being formally conducted by many agencies. BTW: Some of you folks may have heard that Phoenix area has the highest density of speed cameras of anywhere, second only to places in Europe.

    Now, just so you know that I don’t have an axe to grind, I’m about as squeaky clean as you can get these days’ or at least since about 1987. My insurance rates are lower than most anyone I know, and I like that! So with this preamble, I still contend that you stand a better chance of being pulled over for close to nothing, than in any other time in recorded history.

    Just 2~3 weeks ago I was on my way home from routine shopping as I passed the sector DPS sub-station when a unit pulled out and was behind me. As a normal response I was more deliberate with my signals, turns, etc. As we both entered the freeway, the officer began cloaking me off-axes in my blind spot. Initially, I dismissed it as nothing although after about 2-miles it was more apparent. Now, I did have one of those anti-camera plastic shields over my rear plate, which is not currently illegal in Arizona. This is likely why he was fishing’ me. He then moved over right behind me as he flipped on his code lights as I began to safely pull over. He then quickly accelerated and took off like a bat out of hell. BTW: It was just us two on the road, so it wasn't a case of mistaken identity.

    When I arrived home I removed the plate cover that I had on my car for 3-years without compromise. So yes indeed, and back on topic, you can get pulled over for practically anything. It doesn’t matter how law-abiding, clean or new your car is, or that I had disable-vet plates, etc. Nobody is spared and it is a game, and unfortunately we’re the targets of revenue.
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