Just a thought...

Just a thought...

This is a discussion on Just a thought... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I may not make any friends with this post, so, here it goes. I have read other posts concerning whether or not to notify LEO's ...

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Thread: Just a thought...

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    Just a thought...

    I may not make any friends with this post, so, here it goes.

    I have read other posts concerning whether or not to notify LEO's if you are carrying when you get pulled over by police. There are many opinions on this. Some choose disregard state law. Some, do not. Some states do not require notification. Some do. This subject has beaten a dead horse.

    So, my question is....WHY DID YOU GET PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE IN THE FIRST PALCE? Speeding, equipment violation, moving violation, talking on a cell phone, etc.

    If you do not do the above, maintain your vehicle, obey current laws, there SHOULD NOT be a reason to be pulled over in the first place. There must be reasonable suspicion to pull you over. If you do not draw attention to your self, then you have nothing to worry about.

    You have the right to put yourself into a position which attracts the attention of law enforcement. But, if you do so, there may be consequences of you choice.

    I'm not a Mr Goodie Goodie here. I like to add a little extra pressure to the gas petal. But I understand that in doing so, I may get pulled over by LEO. I am confident that MOST LEO's will handle the situation professionally when I comply with state law and tell them that I am CCW.

    I do not know the authors of the other posts nor their friends. But just maybe, they often put themselves in a position to be pulled over.

    I have said enough.
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    As I read the above I could almost hear the authors voice saying "Blah blah blah blah blah I'm better than you blah blah blah."

    Two facts I'd like to present.

    1. People on this site get pulled over all the time for all kinds of reasons.
    2. People on this site post about it and discuss the possibility of it to learn from those LEO encounters. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Uh, most posts on the subject that I've seen, including my own, have mentioned the reason. Believe it or not, no one is perfect, including NavDoc. I've made my share of mistakes. I rarely speed intentionally, though I've been pulled for speeding. The last time that I was pulled, I had overslept, and I was late (really late!) for work. I was driving through a section that I drive regularly, but I hadn't driven it at that particular time of day. I was also drinking my breakfast, a protein drink, and when I raised the cup up, it obscured my view of the flashing school zone light. Of course, this was the one day that they decided to run radar there. I was in the wrong, even though I would never intentionally speed through a school zone. I gave the officer my CCW along with my license, etc, and I advised him of the location of my Glock. The officer was nice enough to drop the speed down to 2 over Had I thought of it, I would have included my Metro Police ID, as I was a contract employee for Metro. Mistake #2. As I said, no one's perfect.

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    Both of my LEO encounters while carrying were both during the aftermath of car collisions, not all LEO encounters involve being pulled over for a traffic or equipment violation. I know most if not all of us break traffic laws even if we don't know it from time to time. I can't say I have ever been pulled over (knock on wood) for moving violations or equipment violations.
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    I've only had one ticket in the last 15 years, and that was on my Harley, yeah...not a heavy foot, a strong wrist.

    I don't remember anyone suggesting that we disregard state laws concerning notification...doing so would not be in line with rules on this forum.

    When or why someone is pulled over is usually not what the post is about, but rather how the interaction goes on from there. We all live and learn...it's easier learning from the experiences of others.
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    Hmmmm, so if we break the law. We might get pulled over by the cops. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
    We post about them to help others learn what's expected of them and what to expect from the LEO.
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    A person could adjust the radio and swerve a little and get pulled over. I had my cruise set on a highway ( in Illinois ) , went down a hill and a cop clocked me doing 8 miles over. He pulled me over and gave me a warning. Of course I wasnt carrying. My gun was in a case.
    Even being out late at night can get you pulled over.
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    Pulled over three times in last dozen years:
    1. The stated reason was 'failed to dim lights' - I had just bought the car and it passed inspection, but the lights were evidently brighter than the officer was expecting. While chatting with me, he pointed out that my brake light was out, which I fixed the next day.
    2. I was pulled over the day after that for my OTHER brake light being out. I was kind of puzzled, to tell the truth, when I dutifully replaced the first bulb as instructed by the kind officer the day before as it looked OK... but it seemed that I misremembered which side. Oops. I had it fixed within 15 minutes (still had the screwdriver in the front seat), and I drove to the station and asked the dispatcher to pass the word that the evil person with the dead taillight had rehabilitated himself.
    3. The were checking IDs - they had a manhunt for a cop-killer loose in the area. Yes, it CAN happen out in the middle of nowhere, where anyone would say I was as safe as any place in America.

    You're right, though: being the Gray Man suggests driving the speed limit, staying in your lane, and the like. Your remarks don't apply to many of the instances here, but that doesn't take away from your basic good advice.
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    My only LEO interaction while carrying was when I got rear ended at a red light by a Suburban ... my poor little truck got totaled that day. Anyway, in TN we're not required to notify LE of our carry status unless asked but I handed my permit to her with my license anyway just so she'd be aware of the situation. She came back from running our I.D.s, handed mine back to me and never said a word about it.

    Not saying I've never broken the speed limit or been pulled over for it but people interact with LEOs for all sorts of reasons when out driving.

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    just a couple little reasons why you might get pulled over while not knowingly breaking the law.. busted tail light, burnt out head light, dangerously low tire, ect. now you werent speeding, running stop signs, driving drunk or high.. but because of mechanical failure, bad inspection or inspection related.. you just got pulled over. hell you could have been in an accident. or even witnessed one. it might not have anything to do with a car at all. why you are asking a question with a small focus makes no sense to me. your asking it like a lawer trying only to get the answer he wants to hear. get off your high horse and ask questions with some civility.
    (please forgive my crappy typing. i wrote it fast and dont care to proof read)

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    My perfect example, just a day or so ago. I was on a short road trip to Orlando with a few fellow employees headed for Universal Studios. The speedometer decided to creep up on me as it is a long stretch that turnpike is, lol. Well the officer pulled me over. As she approached the window (my car off, radio off, hands on the steering wheel) she said she clocked me at so and so speed.

    She asked for my license, registration, and insurance. I also added my ccw permit and was just about to mention that I had a gun on my right hip when she saw the ccw permit, the hair on her neck went up... lol She yelled, YOU HAVE A GUN ON YOU??? to which I said yes. She asked where it was and i told her my right hip. She immediately asked me to step out of the vehicle, turn around and put my hand on the car, I did with no issue. She then searched my left and right hip till she found it, yanked it off me and yelled at me WHAT REASON DO YOU NEED TO CARRY A FIREARM???

    I was a tad snippy now for such rash treatment, when I did everything she asked with no issue, I told her "Because I have the legal right too" with no tone. In hind sight it probably did not help, lol, you live and you learn. Well she asked me to get back in my car, I did. A few minutes later she came back asked me to pop my trunk (illegal search?) and deposited my gun and then closed it and handed me my magazine. Handed me ticket, I signed as asked. While signing it she proceeded to lecture me as to "what did they teach you in the ccw class you took?" "What is the first thing you do when a officer pulls you over"? I told her to comply with everything the officer says. She asked me why I didn't tell her I had a gun. I said that I was about to as I handed her my license, insurance. and reg.

    Well I didn't get out of ticket that day, but I guess every day is a learning experience. I learned to be more preemptive in mentioning my carry status.
    I learned not to "because I have a legal right too". lol
    I imagine that the most dangerous part of a highway patrol officers job is when ever they stop some random fool like me and approach the window, they never know what is inside.
    I also learned not all leo's are as cool as others when it comes to citizens who ccw.
    Just my two cents...

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    Drive a truck, and DOT will pull you over because the sky is blue, have a friend who got pulled over late at night in his home town, of about 1,200 people driving his everyday vehicle, every one know every one, he was pulled over for suspicious vehicle, they suspected he was drinking.
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    It can be simply because of mistaken identity, or whatever reason the LEO has. Case in point, I was pulled over at a gas station simply because my truck fit the description of one involved in a vehicle/pedestirian incident in which the driver fled. Yessir, two units covering my exits and hands on sidearms. You don't have to be doing anything but minding your own business, so I don't want to hear how we bring it on ourselves. I'm sure the OP's own past is less than pure as the driven snow, but if indeed he is perfect, then i'm sure I don't want to know him. Rant over.

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    I guess you make a certian point. But I still think the is the most useless post I have ever read on this site.

    I get a lot of great info by surfing the posts here. (usually)

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    I’ve not been pulled over in over a decade; that is until last weekend. I was pulled over for doing 52 in a 35.

    My error, I was in Daytona, and I thought the speed limit on A1A was 45, as it is in my town. It was 1:35 AM and I had just got off from working 15 hour straight.

    Officer asked for the usual, license, registration and insurance so I had to open the glove box. Before I did I showed him, my CCL and said don’t get nervous.

    Because when I opened it my Glock was lying there, on top, and I had to take it out to get to the other stuff below it. (I had just laid it there when I got in.)

    He never mentioned the Glock, and after running my name, he came back and said I needed to slow down, and I should consider this as a warning. I thanked the officer and was on my way.

    Over the 30 plus years I’ve carried a gun, the encounters I’ve had with LEO’s have always been great.

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