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Talk about getting thing ready when pulled over.

This is a discussion on Talk about getting thing ready when pulled over. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a NY permit and 3 non-resident permits (FL-NH-PA). When I travel I check out the laws of each state I will be driving ...

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Thread: Talk about getting thing ready when pulled over.

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    I have a NY permit and 3 non-resident permits (FL-NH-PA). When I travel I check out the laws of each state I will be driving through.
    I made a card with all the states I can CC in and which states require LEO notification.

    My general rules of thumb:
    pull over if lit up
    shut of engine
    roll down window
    hands on the wheel
    notify only if required
    be polite
    sign the ticket
    go on my way.

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    People please do not have your stuff ready to go. The longer the interaction with LEO the greater chance of talking your way out of a ticket. If you hand him everything they are going to take it and walk away. Office may I reach into xxxxx and get my xxxxx. Not telling you to stall and keep everything anywhere but the longer a postive interaction the least likely you will get a ticket. Most officers will ask why are you asking me if it is ok to get your xxxx, because I have friends,relatives,country men that are LEO and they told me to tell you what I am doing for your safety.

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    Some good stuff...some a bit to critical IMHO...but over all good opinions.

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    Personally, I wait with my hands on the wheel until the LEO gets to my door. After he asks for my info, I inform him that I am carrying. I make sure to state that I am not saying that to in anyway threaten him, but that I do not want him to see the firearm and get the wrong idea. I then ask him how he wants to proceed.

    So far, I have only been asked if I had a liscense, but never been asked to produce it. Also, the LEO's have been much more curteous to me since I have been doing this. I believe that it puts them on ease. Afterall, a traffic stop is one of the most dangerous things a LEO has to do. And if I am going to hurt him, I wouldn't be informing them that I have a weapon at my first opportunity.

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    I usually have my wallet and other info in my arm rest consol so an leo wont see me reaching for it anyway.
    "Anyone worth shooting, is probably worth shooting several times."

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    I've always imagined myself (haven't been pulled over since carrying) having both hands on the wheel with all papers also in hand ready. I like what people say about simply waiting to be told what to do first however.
    It is utterly illogical to believe that passing laws to reduce gun violence will be successful when those who are commiting the gun violence do not obey the law.

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