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Thread: Falsely Accused

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    Cleaned it up some for you......

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    I vary my carry weapon . Depends on the mood ! Let em guess . I don t think they could get it right but if they guess right as you said. Well it can easily get into a sticky situation. Trust me on this. You do always have to be guilty , Sometimes accused is enough. Not right, but sad and true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    My dad use to tell me:
    “There’s no point in worrying about things' you have no control over”.


    I second that...if some guy told me he was going to turn me in, I'd tell him go for it, then politely explain and describe this nutjob while revealing my CHL.
    It is utterly illogical to believe that passing laws to reduce gun violence will be successful when those who are commiting the gun violence do not obey the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolyat63 View Post
    This is one of the reasons that most believe that we should not share our carry habits. One could hope when the accuser was asked to describe your weapon, method/location of carry etc... will not match up.
    Problem with this is the accuser would say "I was so scared I can't describe it I only know it was some kind of gun".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    Polygraphs are only as good as the examiner. The questions must be formulated carefully and the basis questions are just as important.

    It is virtually impossible to defeat a polygraph. If you are lying you will not escape a competant examiner. The downside is it is very susceptible to false positives.

    In the business of national security, a false positive will simply limit job opportunities as the candidate will be rejected, whether he is lying or not. That particular flaw is one reason a polygraph is typically not accepted as evidence in the judicial system.
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    Being able to guess what's in my pants is exactly why I only carry this:

    I'd like to see this deranged fool try to describe my highly engraved, Le Faucheux, double barreled, pin fired revolver!
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngda9 View Post
    I got to thinking about something as I was mowing the lawn in the windy conditions today carrying IWB...thinking the wind would make the handle of my gun print a bit.

    Suppose someone knew you carried(OC or CC, doesn't matter) and accused you of pointing your gun at them in a threatening mannor, which you didn't. The reason they accused you doesn't matter(jerk, enemy, mentally unstable, for the heck of it). The person called the police and accused you of this. Its their word against yours, no witnesses. For the sake of argument you carry a standard black glock, and this is what the guy guesses(if you CC) when he tells the cops you pointed it at him and threatened him.

    How does such a situation get resolved?
    Ask George Zimmerman. His soon-to-be ex-wife and father-in-law just tried this same stunt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas001 View Post
    Problem with this is the accuser would say "I was so scared I can't describe it I only know it was some kind of gun".
    Why, on your first post on this forum, are you responding to a thread that is over 4 year old thread and have absolutely nothing interesting or useful to add to the dead conversation?
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    Well... in one case, where they were conceal carrying.... the defense asked the person a simple question .................. describe the gun. What color was it? What shape was it ? How big was it ? Out of these pictures... which one did it most look like ?

    They of course couldn't answer "any" of the questions...... case was thrown out at that point by the Judge.

    Problem is, they still ended up in court having to prove they didn't do it.
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