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Thread: Concealed carrying in grocery stores + malls

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    I've never seen one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squawker View Post
    Pikachu, I don't know if you're aware or not, but those signs have no legal meaning in Nevada. You can be asked to leave, but that's it. Signs mean absolutely nothing. I continue to carry in malls, hospitals, etc. It's concealed, and unless I have to draw, no one will be aware of it.
    Reminds me of the sign: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Actually, there is no specific “right” under the law that supports this, other than you may be asked to leave for a specific reason. Where is the ACLU on that one?
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    I used to work as a hotel desk clerk/night auditor. The sign you refer to, "We reserve the right to refuse serve anyone at anytime." is the exact type sign as the anti-gun signs. We had a few select people who were not welcome at the hotel. The general manager of the hotel made a list of people who fit this criteria.
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    Here in Florida the sign means nothing legally. Although I do avoid places that post such signs, infact Im happy to report one of these signs came down recently at a LEO/FD/EMT supply store. I also havent seen the sign that used to be posted at a local movie theater, then again Im not looking hard for it.
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    In Texas, there is a specific sign that must be posted at all entries and exits, If the signs aren't the specific ones, then they don't mean anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    Reminds me of the sign: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Actually, there is no specific “right” under the law that supports this, other than you may be asked to leave for a specific reason. Where is the ACLU on that one?
    Actually we don't get our rights from law or the government.


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    I have lived in WA a long time. I have yet to see one of those signs. Be that as it may, WA state is easy.

    No schools (drop off and pick up in your car is ok).
    No "over 21 only" areas of a bar.
    No federial builings.
    No local goverment buildings.
    No secured areas of the airport.

    anyplace else, sign or no sign, I carry.
    because it is legal.
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    Never seen such a sign either.

    If I did see one I wouldn't see it, know what I mean?

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    When we first moved here to Tennessee from Alabama (where I never saw a single sign by the way) we were shopping for a new bed room group for my daughter. New house and all, she needed a new bed and dresser and everything. We went to a Value City furniture store on Germantown across from Wolfchase Mall here in East Memphis. It was there that I saw my first sign. I was shocked.

    So, to prove a point I put my gun in the car, as did my wife. We went in, picked out a bedroom group for her, talked to the sales associate, had them bring it all out in boxes ready to ring up, all $800 or so of it, then as he was tallying it all up I acted as though I saw the sign for the first time.

    I asked him about it and he stated that it was company policy and he was very happy that it was. (Had he said he did not agree with it, I may have bought the furniture anyway) So, when he showed me the total and asked how I would be paying, I told him that I would not be paying. That I do not do business with a company that goes out of it's way to deny me my right of self defense. I told him we would spend our money with one of their competitors. And we did. And I made it a point to come back the next day and show the manager the receipt to make sure they knew how much money they had missed out on. I asked that the manager pass this info on to their corporate office. And I also wrote them an email with a scanned copy of the receipt. I never even got a reply but the manager did seem to see my point.

    I always make it a point to tell a business owner or manager why I am not spending my hard earned money with them if they have a no guns sign.
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    Bravo!!!! I will use that one next time I attempt to do business with a similar company.

    BTW, here in AZ, the signs mean next to nothing and I carry discreetly EVERYWHERE (except the usual prohibited places)....signs be damned!
    It's a war zone here with the tsunami of illegal immigrant thugs invading us. Murder, rape and car jackings by these swine and their gang banger groupies are commonplace in our cities these days. Going unarmed is just not an option for me.

    Rant mode off.

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    That is a great thing you did Mike! I think most urban societies have become anti-gun....some of my acquaintances who live in their million dollar condos in Seattle get really anxious and disturbed when I tell them the importance of self defense and owning a gun.
    Last year one of their sons was mugged in Belltown right outside his swanky apartment building. He was in a coma for a month. So the dad moves into a quiet suburb on the Eastside so he won't have to confront the muggers again. He STILL does not own a firearm!

    I think liberalism has made us reactive and not proactive. By liberalism I mean Hollywood and television.

    Jimbo, I am still waiting for my CPL, 2 weeks to go till it is 30 days, after that I decide to carry everywhere I go, especially to the mall.

    The day the shootout happened, I had just left the mall. Had I been there, I would have been a total victim like the rest of the crowd.

    After my CPL, I won't have too much fear of being in a situation like that.
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    I live in a pretty good ccw state. Unless I'm going into a school, courthouse/jail/police station, government office or post office the signs are really more of a policy statement.

    It is not a criminal offense for violating posted signs.

    The consequences for not leaving peacefully if caught and the police are called is a fine for 1st offense and a fine plus ccw suspension for multiple offenses within a 6 month period. The amount of time your ccw is suspended is dependent on how many offenses you had.

    It's my understanding the police won't do much if they were called and you were not given an opportunity to leave peacefully before they called the police.

    No one has ever noticed a concealed weapon on me in all the years I've carried so I pretty much do not worry about it.

    However, each state is totally different on how they deal with violations of posted signs so it is best to know your own states particulars and any state you may be traveling in under reciprocity. It's my understanding that in a few states, you can actually be charged with a misdemeanor crime or a felony.

    If it's a violation of the law in your state, I don't recommend doing it.
    Semper Fi

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    There is a Michigan specific website that posts businesses that do not allow guns. The validity is verified to make sure it is correct. The reason for this section of the website is so that people like myself can avoid these businesses and spend my money elsewhere. Is there a website like this for your state? Whether or not the sign has any legal bearing it does clearly show intent of the store owner. In this economy someone else will gladly take your money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    Reminds me of the sign: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Actually, there is no specific “right” under the law that supports this, other than you may be asked to leave for a specific reason. Where is the ACLU on that one?
    The only "specific reason" the owner of private property requires to ask you to leave is the fact that they don't want you on the property that they own. It's called property owners' rights.

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    With the exception of on base at NAVSTA Everett (and designated Fed no-carry zones) and my daughters school (but only if I have to get out of the car) I carry everywhere (even when getting my nails done!) , including at work thanks to a like minded property owner. I only just encountered my first no-firearms sign. It is at the entrance just to the bar area specifically (not the main entrance of the establishment) of the El Gitano restaurant in Smokey Point
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