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CoWorker states: You Frighten Me

This is a discussion on CoWorker states: You Frighten Me within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; psshawwww! my ugly mug scares people everywhere i go! especially little children. my display of spent bullets 'scared' someone here at work. had to put ...

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Thread: CoWorker states: You Frighten Me

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    psshawwww! my ugly mug scares people everywhere i go! especially little children.

    my display of spent bullets 'scared' someone here at work. had to put them away.
    my subscription to SWAT magazine 'scared' someone else (might have been the same person who knows?). i think i'll subscribe to SOF here as well.
    oddly enough, the one time my shirt rode up over my holstered pistol it didnt really scare anyone, they simply asked my boss if he knew i was carrying. which he did, and he confirmed i was licensed.
    one of my folding pocket knives apparently scared some east coast guest auditor who was in our office. well, that plus my collection of 2A posters and the best targets from the range plastered on the walls of my cube. oddly enough, that auditor kept insisting i was some criminal who was actively searching for ways to embezzle from my employer, and thus recommended that three seperate people have 'hands on' the checks we recieve in the mail and deposit at the bank. i swear if he called me a 'potential thief' just once more while he was here i was going to point at my Insurance License and explain how i had to submit prints to the state and be cleared by a federal background check simply to hold my job, and then whip out my CHL and explain how i even volunteered another set of prints to the feds so i could carry and be exempt from telephoned background checks every time i bought a gun. i'm sure the look on his face would have been a kodak moment.

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    My advice, for what it's worth, is to continue what you are doing. Be extra nice to this person and try to demonstrate through your actions that being prepared isn't such a negative thing.
    Actions speak louder than words, hence continue on, Euc!

    This sounds like someone that has some serious issues with life, not anything to do with the way you carry your self. It sounds like you have things well in hand as far as keeping a low profile.
    You're a gentleman here on the forum, so I imagine you are also a gentleman "on the job" I believe this is her fear of the unknown and the unanticipated because your quiet demeanor reminds her own denial.

    I'm of the opinion that the reason I scare people is simply because I don't walk around with my head in the sand. I'm sure that grnzbra has the right idea. My alert attitude reminds people that there are things that they should be alert for.
    She isn't totally Con White, because she noticed your preparedness. She's afraid of being afraid, of the environment going "Con Yellow" or even "Orange" because she implicitly denies it. She is struggling with some dark fears in there. The fact she even told you shows that she respects you, and trusts you, explicitly.

    Maybe you should just tell her that you were a Boy Scout, and always like to be prepared!
    All things considered, I think she paid you one heck of a compliment!

    You should be proud!
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    It's people like her that scare me.

    Euc, I hope you'll be OK at school, because when faculty is afraid of you, you never know what's next. And it's silly, because whever they need something done and are incapable or unwilling to do it themselves, they turn to you, and then they're afraid because you can do all these things. It's stupid and it's scary, and it put you on the "watch out, I think he's a nut" list. If you surf the web from a school computer, I hope you clear the cache and cookies when you're done. They don't need to know you surf around looking at scary guns.

    I do agree with Wayne that it seems in today's society, men are supposed to be weak. I think self-reliance scares people because they think it's unsocial, because it means you don't stand there like a dummy and turn everything into a group project. And unsocial is scary.

    Preparedness also seems to be associated with survivalists, and survivalists have the unforunate bad stereotype of being the creepy, hairy guys living deep in the woods in bunkers.

    I'm a 100 pound female and I've been I'm scary for the same reasons. Sheesh. I've always respected prepared people. Those are the kind of people I prefer to associate with. Men should be prepared for basic things.
    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." - Yoshimi Ishikawa

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    I don't know whether to gloat, be dismayed, or consider being lower profile
    Be glad...

    I'd rather have one person that had a clue be around me than 500 that didnt...

    Its good to know that there is at least a couple of teachers on this board that are "prepared". If you can teach this state of mind to your students, the world wil lbe a better place...

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    Euc, I work at an all girls college and have been carrying a major (3.75" to 5" blade) folding knife since I first set foot on the campus almost 11 years ago. I have been surprised by how little commotion it has caused. I guess part of the reason for that is that many of them have seen me use it to cut computer cable, open boxes, even cut a hole in dry wall for a wall box. I try to be prepared for anything that happens, too. I was an Eagle Scout and took the motto, Be Prepared, to heart back at age 11 when I joined the Boy Scouts. There have been times and will be times when I am not totally prepared, but it won't be for a lack of trying.

    I have been known to scare people as well, which used to drive me crazy. I stand 5'8" tall and until age 40 had never weighed more than 150 lbs. Since 40 is another story. I am still not a big man. I finally came to realize that there are other ways of being intimidating besides size. Being a computer guru is intimidating to many people. I was the director of information technology here for 7 years. Being the person who either has or can find all the answers is intimidating to many people. About 4 years ago I went back to being a reference librarian. Not to long ago one of the students told me that I just know too much. I am a sponge, I love gaining knowledge. I also love solving problems. These traits make being a computer guru or reference librarian great careers for me. (BTW my login name was inspired by the students here. When I came they started calling me ComputerMan George. After a short time that was shortened to CMG. For a while I had a customized license plate and since CMG was already taken and I have an earned doctorate I chose DR CMG. My wife had MS CMG. When I got my last login name for email it required that I have one non-alphanumeric character so I made it DR_CMG.)

    I think that some of the reasons that I get so few problems with the knife and preparedness are: 1) I continue to develope relationships with the faculty, staff and students. When I came here as IT director I was in every office, classroom and dorm room at various time and became a familar person. I was working with various tools from screwdrivers to saws and the knife became just another tool. Now though I don't work with tools people have become accustomed to seeing me with a big knife in my back pocket. 2) I think continuity helps too. I never really have an entire group of new people meet me. I give an orientation to the new students in the fall and they are always accompanied by other students who know me. They always introduce me as the man to go see for answers whether about school, life, boy friends, or whatever. That makes them see me as a friend. 3) The other thing I think helps is that I have never tried to hide the knife. It sticks up out of my back pocket and the clip is clearly visible. I pull it out and use it whenever I need to and have never shown any hesitancy about it. When I was carrying a Cold Steel Voyager with a 5" blade I had some ask me if it wasn't illegal and I was able to share with them that according to Alabama state criminal code and case law: a knife that folds and can be carried in my pants pocket is not a weapon even if concealed. That satisfied them. Of course being in central Alabama may also be a reason for a lack of problems. Everybody carries a pocket knife of some sort here.

    Hang in there and keep helping so maybe the people around you will start to evaluate you on what you do and who you are not what you have in your pocket.

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

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    Welcome to the club, Euc! The teachers I work with have been saying the same thing about and to me for years. Students, too.

    Just today, I overheard a very muted conversation in my classroom. They all think we can't hear or see anything from our vantage point.

    So this small group of kids was discussing teachers who made them mad because they could keep order in class. So mad that there were times they felt like punching said teacher. Then MY name came up and somebody whispered in an even quieter voice (I had to strain for this): Heck NO! I wanna live!

    15 years ago, I had a teacher at the middle school level make the same observation after reading one of my many published letters to the editor and she asked me in the teacher's lunchroom if I was a member of a militia! My answer did not placate her: Why would I do that? There's nothing new they can teach me!

    Last night, I restarted my study of Aikido after a two year hiatus. It's my fervent goal to acquire my black belt. I have used my art to defend myself in the school environment. Never a beef or complaint, Aikido is literally conflict resolution that has no basis in violence. But those events have insured that my present has validity in my past. If that makes any sense. I have the SHEEPDOG essay on my podium for all to read.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Euc, this was said before, but keep on keeping on brother.

    I won't get into any stories, but not alot of people like me cause I have a personality that others can't realte too, I am always prepaired for what ever life throws my way, and have stood face to face with many bigger men who may have thought I was a pushover. I've won some, I've lost some, but I get respect from just about everyone.
    Just today I was at the local gun shop and a man walked in and wanted to look at a 50 cal percussion black power rifle, now the huy behing the counter is a friend of mine, so I was watching and Carl told the guy it was a left handed rifle, and the guy never said anything. So he coments to looking over the rifle and he pulled it to his shoulder and he was right handed, well in the end the guy bought the rifle and he left and I told Carl I don't know how you could have sold that guy a left handed rifle knowing he was right handed (will get a hell of a flash burn when he shoots it), and his reply was I didn't even knotice he was right handed. Then his wife said wow your awfully observent, then we started talking and I told them that anyone withen 30' of me I keep a eye on them cause people alway give tell tale signs when there about to do something so I would rather be prepaired for whats about to go down as opossed to being a sheep.

    Wow, I wanted to keep this short and here I am rambling. I'll stop now, but Euc keep up the good work.

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    Don't feel bad Euclidean, I think every member here has probably heard the same thing at some point. I heard it from a fellow soldier, go figure. Don't ever go out of your way to reinforce her fear, but don't change who you are either. She's the one with the problem.
    - Kurt
    “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” ~Pericles of Athens
    Primary Carry - Colt Commander .45 in a Brommeland Max-Con V

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    Any person who looks, acts, and does take charge in a situation, will be viewed as a threat to some.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euclidean
    "Because you're almost always prepared... it's scary."
    "So you are scared of Boy Scouts too? Or would you rather me be a helpless dependant like you? Your Daddy would be ashamed. Grow the hell up."

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    Wow strong response here.

    I've encountered negative consequences socially for my outlook/lifestyle before and I usually accept it as the negative consequence of a decision I personally made.

    To be honest, I do work with enough people I am not worried about this. I know it only takes one person to complain but I do a job here that nobody else wants, and one good thing about my current employment is that I'm difficult (not impossible) to replace, plus my adminstrators are good as gold. They spoil me rotten.

    I was just taken aback someone would say such a strange thing.

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    My bride never grew up around guns, so she wasn't too thrilled about mine. That is, until some lowlife tried to jack us at a stoplight one night in a not so nice part of town in a city in Fla while we were on vacation. Bet he is still running!
    This is my weapon, there are many like it but this one is mine. My weapon is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I have mastered My life. ...

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    Be Prepared

    Crime can and does occur when and where you least expect it.
    quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat
    You should be glad that she noticed.

    Last night my seven year daughter, Rose, sat next to me on the couch and said: "I feel so safe when you're around, knowing that if anybody tried to hurt us, you would protect us." (she knows that I'm carrying all the time)

    That really makes a dad feel good!
    She has it exactly right and you should feel truly blessed. And Euc, you have it right, also. Keep on carrying!
    "Let not your heart be troubled." John 14:1

    USN Retired Vietnam/Desert Shield/Desert Storm

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    Just tell her that as long as she doesn't try to kill you that she will be safe.
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