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Traveling to El Paso, TX should I pack my piece?

This is a discussion on Traveling to El Paso, TX should I pack my piece? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The "hassle" is minor. I just got back yesterday from Phoenix and had to cross the Canada US border and back. There are no issues ...

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Thread: Traveling to El Paso, TX should I pack my piece?

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    The "hassle" is minor. I just got back yesterday from Phoenix and had to cross the Canada US border and back. There are no issues if you follow their very simple rules.

    BTW my mother in law lives in Las Cruces, so by all means carry!!
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    I do not consider El Paso an unsafe place unless you want to hit the bars at night. If one goes, conducts business and stays away from risky places he will be OK.

    If I had business there and could not take my gun I would go and use good judgment.
    Anyone who hangs around where the gang bangers congregate after dark is not using his head.

    It is not any trouble to transport your gun by air. I have done it numerous times. Take your gun, and use your head.


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    You might need 2.
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    I don't know El Paso well, having been there only one time. Like any major city there are relatively safe and also clearly dangerous places to be.

    I drove almost 700 miles to get there, and did go armed, as one never knows who might stop to "assist" if your car breaks down; or who might be lurking at a roadside rest stop.

    The area I was in was quite nice, and I'd not feel particularly vulnerable unarmed. I did (do) like having something next to the bed when in the motel at night; you just never know.

    I'm not as "never leave home without it" as many here, and so I would say think a little about your trip, what you will be doing, your likely real-world danger index, and plan accordingly.

    Can't speak about NM as I have not been there.

    I have no experience taking a firearm through the airline/tsa procedures so can't speak to that.

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    Checking your carry gun at the airport really isn't much hassle. At least I've never found it to be.

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    El Paso isn't as bad as most people think. I travel down there at least 4-6 times a year and enjoy it every time. Honestly, I think you have a better chance of getting your car stolen and taken over the border than anything else. If you use your head, stay out of the downtown area after dark and try to stay away from some of the poorer areas on the east side of El Paso you'll be fine.

    That being said, I take my gun everywhere I can. If you get a chance, stop in at Carlos and Mickey's restaurant, awesome Mexican food and the best margarita in El Paso.
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    Thumbs up

    Whether or not to bring your CCW weapon is up to you. It has been
    publicized that El Paso is one of the safest cities in the US. I like to
    think is is so safe because there are so many of us carrying
    concealed weapons here!

    I carry almost all the time. The only time I don't is when I know I'll be
    visiting a hospital or government building, or any of the other places
    that are off limits to cancelled carry.

    Just be absolutely positive that you don't go across into Juarez!

    So, "sup" to you.

    BTW, I like the "La Riviera" restaurant on Donophin Dr. better than
    Carlos & Mickeys. Try both and decide for yourself. One thing El Paso
    has more than anything else is Mexican Food Restaurants.
    There's one on every corner, and several in the block between!

    The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting!

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    Yes, Carry.

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    I've never been to El Paso, The only place I don't carry is in the shower. Does that answer the question for you?
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    I lived in Las Cruces for a while and drove to El Paso frequently. You should carry when legal to do so. Like other have said, El Paso is a city with both good and bad.

    Using your head is the best defense you have. However, the stretch between El Paso and Las Cruces has some desolate parts and traveling them at night merit good SA.

    Have fun and carry your gun.

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    We were stationed in El Paso (FT Bliss) 1998-2001. Other than the heat and the BAD, (like REALLY, REALLY bad drivers) it was a great place.

    Never drive through a traffic light without looking both directions first

    El Paso is the car theft capital of the world, but crimes against persons are fairly rare. I second the comments about the Mexican Rersturants. Also give "The Edge of Texas" a try if you like really great steaks. It's literally on the state line between Tx & New Mexico, just head north on Highway 54. Its run by a Texas rancher and they raise their own beef for the resturant.

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    yes, go through the "hassle" and bring it

    .....and a preemptive welcome to Texas!
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    I will be traveling there in a couple of weeks and spending the weekend there...I definitely will be armed...

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    From recent experience:

    Whatever they tell you, or have on the rule sheet, place the orange tag OUTSIDE the locked container that holds your gun. Tape a business card or just your name and cell number on the OUTSIDE of the case. Lock your case with a non-TSA lock (I use a COM gun safe), and keep the only key on your person. Jack up the TSA goober if he/she feels the need to muzzle everyone while fondling your Roscoe. If possible, use a cable to lock your case to the inside of your luggage.

    Trust me on this.

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    Why would you not?
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