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Helping wife CC in summer

This is a discussion on Helping wife CC in summer within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by retsupt99 KelTec P-3AT in this... Fist #5 Kydex Pocket Holster Looks like a good slim profile pocket holster, but hows the coverage ...

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Thread: Helping wife CC in summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    KelTec P-3AT in this...

    Fist #5 Kydex Pocket Holster
    Looks like a good slim profile pocket holster, but hows the coverage of the trigger guard? Is the trigger completely covered? Does it snap in there pretty good?

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    IMO, she absolutely should not carry in any type of bag that is not on her body. Especially since she's carrying an LCP, which has no manual safety. If she keeps one in the chamber, it's too much of a liability to have it be separated from her, even for a moment, around young kids. Even if you teach your children to be safe around guns, you can't control other people's kids. Just my $0.02.

    If I were her, I would order the tight v-neck holster shirt from master of concealment (dot com). They make them for women, and no one will ever know she's packing. It's very comfortable, and she can continue to wear tight fitting shirts and blouses (if she's into that). And there is absolutely no problem with mobility. She will forget her LCP is even there. I've tried the 5.11 and the Kramer versions as well, the master of concealment version is the best. There is also a website called that sells a racerback holster shirt for women. I haven't seen one, but you could give them a call as well.

    The belly band would be my second choice, but then she has to wear a baggier shirt untucked and be careful when bending over with the kids. It's comfortable, though.

    Good luck.

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    SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters
    wow... you think they could update their pictures from the 1980's?

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    Purse or diaper bag carry around small children is not a good idea. As mentioned above, women's pants pockets are small. Smart Carry may be the best choice.
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    I'm eagerly following this thread, as my wife is in a similar situation - stay at home mom with a 2 and 4 year old...definitely a lot of aerobic work during the day. Currently, she carries a Taurus 85 in a CC purse with a locking zipper for when the kids are around. I'm trying to help her find an alternate method, as I don't think purse carry around kids is the best, for several reasons. Unfortunately, she is pretty stubborn about fashion...she refuses to wear anything baggy or "frumpy". I like the shirt holster idea. I have one for dressy, deep-concealment occasions and like it. Any women out there use one? Are they comfortable for women? Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread.
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    I think Budge has the right idea. Having it high up on the body has 2 advantages.
    1st is that she will know right away if it gets dislodged or drops out.

    2nd is it will be out of reach as she is probably a lot taller then the kids she is watching.

    I would also suggest that she DOESN'T have one in the barrel, as kids that young probably couldn't rake the slide to arm it.

    How many times have you heard.."He was only out of my sight for a second"?

    Never take anything for granted as far as kids are concerned.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5.56_Spartan View Post
    SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters
    wow... you think they could update their pictures from the 1980's?

    I had to investigate what you were talking about and then I came across this...(I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! IT WAS ACTUALLY ON THEIR SITE!!! LOL!)

    Actual Caption:

    "Kristina shows how SmartCarry® is worn
    By popular request, we have added this picture of Kristina, the "SmartCarry®" girl! Her attractive appearance is only outdone by her wonderful personality and character. She depends on SmartCarry® for personal protection - note that Kris is left-handed."

    This is great!
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    I some what recently started using a belly band. They are cheap and I wanted to try one... I loved it! I started out pretty skeptical, but it is really practical for me, easily concealed and I do not have to worry about being made.

    Womens clothing does not really work for pocket carry... at least none of what I own does... and I work landscaping!

    Good luck on her search!

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    Couple of options for you.

    DeSantis Gunny Sack Junior r76 Camelbak Goblin Concealed Carry Lumbar Pack, Blue, 28 oz/0.8L

    Concealed Weapon Fanny Packs

    If your toddlers are active, then she can keep some bandaids, neosporin etc in the storage areas and no one would be the wiser and she can carry almost a full size weapon.

    I personally use the gun gear type when riding the motorcycle. And no it doesn't scream gun as I am old. Nobody pays attention to me anyway.

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