Permit holder statistics by state

Permit holder statistics by state

This is a discussion on Permit holder statistics by state within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have a list of permit holder statistics by state. Some people I know live in the suburbs and they told me they don't ...

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Thread: Permit holder statistics by state

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    Permit holder statistics by state

    Does anyone have a list of permit holder statistics by state.

    Some people I know live in the suburbs and they told me they don't feel safe in the big city. I've lived in the big city for many years and it is not as bad as people think it is. I wonder if some folks naturally associate a big city with being dangerous even though it may not necessarily be dangerous. I've heard from a former Detroit resident that Detroit is very dangerous and they are now saying Minneapolis will be like detroit in a decade or so. I doubt that. I've heard Minnesota has like 53,000 carry permit holders and most of them are guards. Wow that is a very small number of citizens with carry permits compared to the millions of people who live in the whole state.

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    In the past few months, Arkansas Legislature, passed a watered down version of this. It's my understanding the list is available by name and zip code.
    It was a tough compromise, and one I do not agree on, but what can the CCW holders do? It was a hard fought battle, as "someone" reportedly obtained the entire listing, by name, address, zip code, and the Arkansas Gazette did publish the list. I never saw it, so cannot confirm.
    Looking at it two ways. On one hand, it may be a deterrent, in that the BG would pass you by, knowing you are prepared to defend yourself, and yours. On the other hand, he may case your house, and when you are away, burglarize, steal, and make off with your weapons.
    Once the name and zip code are gotten, it's very easy to get the remaining missing parts of the puzzle.

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    Agree with Sarge!!! In Ohio, you can apply for your permit at any adjacent county to your county of residence. At one time, the Toledo Blob (oops, I meant "Blade") published the names of anyone even applying for a permit in Lucas County. This information was available by virtue of the Freedom Of Information Act. This lead to a lot of Lucas County residents heading south to Wood County to apply for their permits. Publishing the names screams, "I have a gun or guns in my house", and really serves no useful purpose.
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    I don't have your stats, but the "dangerousness" of a place is relative. Compared to a rosy suburb, you are much more likely to be the victim of a violent crime in a big city. Nonetheless, the vast majority of people will still escape the big city unscathed.
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    FL, TX, and MI are the ones that I know of that have good stats concerning numbers of permit holders, crime rates among permit holders, exc.
    Obviously, the percentages of CCW holders committing crimes of any kind usually range in the .007% percent range. So much for blood on the streets........
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    My father always told me, there are good people and bad people everywhere. I live in one of the nicer suburbs and work downtown. There is a lot less crime downtown. It's all perception... Mpls will be ok 10 years from now.
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