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Rotate mags?

This is a discussion on Rotate mags? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have 8 mags per carry gun. Four are new...the other four are rotated as I use up the ammo...there is no particular order for ...

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Thread: Rotate mags?

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    I have 8 mags per carry gun. Four are new...the other four are rotated as I use up the ammo...there is no particular order for the last four to be used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I have 8 mags per carry gun. Four are new...the other four are rotated as I use up the ammo...there is no particular order for the last four to be used.
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    I have 4 mags for my EDC gun. They get rotated out when I go shooting. As for any type of scheduled rotating, no, I don't worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardlivin View Post
    Compressing the springs does not wear them out, the cycling is what has an impact. Leaving the mag loaded for a year has less of an impact than emptying that same mag at the range everyday for a year.
    Bingo, everyone listen to this man. It's counter-intuitive, but a spring is not being worn when it's fully compressed nor when it's fully relaxed, only when it's being moved between the two states.

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    I rotate mine, actually need to purchase a few more for my XD 4" & sc to aide in the rotation. You can also empty one mag for a day or two, and then switch if you only have two or three, this was recommended by an instructor at my local shop.

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    The hardest thing on springs is the cycle of compression (loading) and then decompression (unloading). If you only complete half a cycle (loading your mags) then it is far less wear and tear than if you constantly compress and decompress the springs because you are fearful of wearing out the springs. Leaving mags loaded for extended problems is not an issue, but you definitely need to rotate ammo.

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    I rotate my duty magazines whenever they will sit for an extended period of time. I think most of the guy unload them about once a month on their days off and when come back. I rotate my gun magazine about every other week or at least try and remember.
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    I used to rotate my carry mags monthly. Now only maybe once a year when I shoot out the carry ammo, and sometimes not even then. I keep dozens of magazines for all my CCWs, especially the Glocks and the P7. I keep as many as I can afford for the others, and I'm always looking for more. I like to stick with ones that have been proven to feed reliably. I also support the destruction of any cheap magazine that won't feed right. Don't adjust the feed lips, don't futz with the spring (like streching it). Flatten it with a hammer and throw it in the trash. Folowers and springs and spare mags are cheap for now.

    I do have a Thompson 20 round magazine that has been fully loaded since 1945 as near as anybody can tell. Dying to find someone around with a Thompson to empty it and do a write-up here.

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    I know it's not necessary but as a matter of habit and cleaning... I do rotate my carry magazines about once a month too.
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    Magazing springs do lose some strength if kept fully loaded for a long time. I kept a Glock 38 and 39 loaded a year or more, shot and cleaned them maybe twice during that time. After the extended period of being fully loaded I could definitely tell the last round in the magazine wasn't as difficult to insert as when the mags were new; when they were new it was nearly impossible to get that last round in. Also, the springs that had been kept fully loaded were about 2'' shorter than a new spring.

    If the magazine has a 10 round or more capacity I'm fine with leaving a round out and saving a little comperssion on the spring. However, mags that hold 5-9 rounds are getting fully loaded. I'm not going to load & unload magazines weekly or even monthly to try and make the spring last longer. Replacement magazine springs are not that expensive (approximately $7); I'll just buy a new spring.

    An exception is the Kel-Tec P3AT, I'll have to purchase a new mag if the spring gets weak because springs are not available from Wolff or Kel-Tec, but I'll send the old magazine back since springs shouldn't take a set.

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