Making other people

Making other people

This is a discussion on Making other people within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Confession to make here: I'm an unrepentant people-watcher. It's just what I do. Over the years, I've gotten better about not getting caught at it, ...

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Thread: Making other people

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    Making other people

    Confession to make here: I'm an unrepentant people-watcher. It's just what I do. Over the years, I've gotten better about not getting caught at it, but I do enjoy noticing the people around me and what they are up to.

    Anyway. On Friday, my family and I were at the Packwood Flea Market, a twice-yearly sale that pretty much fills up this tiny little mountain town 'til it is bulging at the seams. The vendors are an even mix of people getting rid of 'junk' and people with a second weekend business selling handcrafts or collectibles, and the food booths are incredible. It's always a fun outing.

    We were walking down one of the aisles when I saw a man and a woman that simply had to be armed. Here's how I know:

    The woman was carrying a Maxpedition Versipack slung over one shoulder. It was clearly heavy.

    The man was wearing a tactical flashlight on his belt, and a pocket knife clip was visible on the outside of two different pockets.

    The woman reached into her backpack to get her wallet, ignoring the Versipack she was wearing.

    The man was wearing a loose tee shirt that was just a little oversized for his frame, and which hung two or three inches below his belt line.

    And both of them had a habit of looking at an item, then raising their heads to glance across the crowd around them before moving on.

    Nope, didn't spot "for certain" where either one was carrying, but would lay down good money that she had a gun in the Versipack and he had one just behind his right hip.

    Sometimes we aren't as stealthy as we think we are ...

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    That's for sure, saw two guys in Hawaiian shirts buzzing the ammo counter at Wal-Mart. Wonder if they were packing?
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    That's great observation skills. I certainly need to work on mine. I'm impressed.
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    It seems to me that I am more aware of people around me that probably are carrying because I pick up on many of the same or similar acts that I know that I have. We seem to notice acts that we all have in common and recognize the probable reason for those acts. IMHO.
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    Once you begin to carry it is much easier to identify others. You begin notice oddities in the dress of others that you notice when dressing yourself.

    Great observation skills!

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    I know sometimes, since I have a duty weapon, I often when standing will make sure my arm is completely down my gun. I guess force of habit.
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    We may notice others who are carrying but I guarantee the sheep will never notice the sheepdog or sadly even the wolf amongst the flock.
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    It is my experience from carrying, and the work I do, most people aren't very aware of their surroundings or what others are doing, I certainly wasn't until I started carrying.

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    I noticed a Guy and He was packing on the right side. His shirt was a little tight and I could see the bulge. I went and changed My shirt and went back and looked in the mirror and I would not even know He was packing. He seemed like a nice Guy too.

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    Your SA skills are MUCH higher than most. Most people would not have thought twice about the Versipack and no one notices a guy in a t-shirt. Remember, most of us who carry try to be "gray men," invisible to the general public and the wolves that are out there. (not all of us...I am pretty gregarious personally)

    The thing is, though, that "gray men/women" can usually spot each other with a little time. Not always, but enough to make the difference.
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    Cool Making others

    I shot IDPA today and noticed that 90% of the people there wore the Shoot me first vest as a cover garment. I wore my black knit shirt over a blue t-shirt. I looked like I didn't belong there because I was not dressed like the others. Others will notice the vest but a fat silver haired guy in a black shirt is overlooked, except by Pax! Her observational skills are excellent. Like anyone in a specialty, a practitioner of of that specialty can spot another. Insert something about birds of a feather here. My point, besides the one that my head makes, is if your not spotting other CCW's is your SA good enough, and if other CCWer's can make you, is your conceal method good enough? Mine is so good I can't find my own weapon!!!!
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    My son and I have a new game we started playing, it's called "Guess who's carrying?" I try and make it "fun" for him to really start building a SA. Haven't seen anything yet, but I noticed something VERY off with a patron at Taco Bell today. And as we got in the car, he said "Mom, I think that lady was depressed or something, she wasn't holding her head right and her eyes were sad." I gave him major kudos on his observation skills, but told him it looked more to me like she was on drugs than sad. (Eyes glazed and unfocused, head and neck lolling around.)

    Haven't spotted anyone CCing yet though, gonna have to try harder now...
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    I've made three people since I started carrying...
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    The only time I think someone is carrying is when I see them wearing camouflage or 511 branded tactical wear. Its almost like a red flag to tell everyone you're carrying.

    I have to wear business casual through the week, so I can't wear tactical jackets anyway....
    Vince K
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    Not well concealed for me is the guy/gal with a black fanny pack with the "rip cord" hanging out about 3".... I just can't see anyone using a rip cord to get to their wallet.......

    Be Alert and Stay Safe


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