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Concerned about my atire.

This is a discussion on Concerned about my atire. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by KSCarry While you are probably ok 99% of the time, that 1% always happens at the most inconvenient of moments. I would ...

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Thread: Concerned about my atire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSCarry View Post
    While you are probably ok 99% of the time, that 1% always happens at the most inconvenient of moments. I would suggest IWB. You'll feel more comfortable knowing you have the additional cover.
    I disagree unless you're in a place that hates guns.

    In the Carolinas Ive found not problems.

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    My 2 cents is this: If your carry method makes you nervous that you may accidentally show, then adjust your method. You want to be completely self confident in your carry method so you can enjoy yourself and not be nervous or self conscious all the time.

    I have two methods depending on what I'm wearing. Either OWB strong side carry, or IWB strong side carry. OWB is a little more comfortable for me and is the way I prefer, but the IWB pulls my firearm in more and allows for shorter cover shirts.

    I carry a Kimber .45 Eclipse and am completely confident in my two methods of carry.

    The advice of adjusting how you crouch down and reach up are also well said. It's also better for you anyway to use your legs rather than bending over at the waist.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamcop84 View Post
    I just bought a new leather hip holster and have only worn it out a couple of times so far. My shirts don't show much buldge and hang past the muzzle about 2 inches, is this not enough room? You can't see the gun unless i put my arms well up over my head and i'm very concious about getting things from the top shelf or exposing my weapon. Should i worry to much about this situation?
    It doesn't sound like you should worry, but without seeing it, it's very hard to be accurate about that. ;)

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    I carry the same way all the time. Don’t worry as JFL said, even if you accidently expose the bottom of the holster, you’ve not done anything illegal.

    And relax… Most citizens are sheep and don’t realize what they are seeing even if they see it. And if they do see a gun on your hip in a holster most citizens presume you’re an off duty LEO.

    But as BikerRN said, if you want truly stealth carry IWB.
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