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Dealing w/ Offlimits Locations: Your System?

This is a discussion on Dealing w/ Offlimits Locations: Your System? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A: find some place else to do business with B: carry anyway, "it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6" C: ...

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Thread: Dealing w/ Offlimits Locations: Your System?

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    A: find some place else to do business with
    B: carry anyway, "it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6"
    C: on those very rare incidents such as gun shows my PU has a center console, draw right with console open place gun there, slam closed with elbow.
    I love .45's!

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    About the only place I have to worry about that is the post office and when I go there, I just reach behind and under the drivers seat, pull out the COM safe that is cable tied to the chair frame, and pop my pistol into it. I do look around, but I don't really care if someone sees me do it - I'm not usually in the PO very long and I don't think I have to worry about thieves. Plus, if the cops get called, I was only following a stupid law...
    Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun.

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    figure my AC Delco "jam system" isn't on the most wanted list of stereo systems. Come to think of it, my '95 4x4 probably doesn't get a second look from most thieves anyway.
    When my truck (a 1992 F150, granted a nice one, but still 14 years old) was broken into, the stereo was a POS that wouldn't have brought $15 on the street.

    Still, the punks broke into it, broad daylight, second floor of a city owned parking lot. They tried to pry the stereo out and apparently got surprised and left.

    Result: A ruined stereo, $117 bill for a vent window. There was a carton of Marlboros on the seat, $250 cash behind the fold up arm rest, and a company check in plain sight, all untouched.

    I guess most crooks really are dumb...

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    Not very many "no-carry" places in Florida, and very few of those would I likely be going to. . .

    I like the window tinting idea, that would help.

    What about those windshield covers that go on the inside of the windshield to keep the car from "solar heating?"

    I've seen some that practically pop open all by themselves, so they'd be easy to use, but on the other hand, might they also tend to attract thieves? I mean, once they make entry to a vehicle, they'd act as "cover" for the thief.

    Never heard that before, just wondering. . .

    Political Correctness has now "evolved" into Political Cowardice.

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    Making ammo.
    There are three places to which I have gone that I have to disarm. School daily and taverns and the hospital on deliveries. I have a center console in my truck which has a lift out tray with a large 5x5x13" storage console beneath it. That is where I put my pistol.

    I generally avoid places I can't carry. I don't involve myself in sports, day care, court houses, correctional facilities (not in law but have rules) casinos, churches, etc. The above three are the only no carry zones I enter. The tavern and hospital on deliveries are seldom, as I usually weasel my way out of taking those and another driver runs the order there. School is an every day thing unfortunately.
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    Probably the only home based FFL that doesn't do transfers.

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    Window tinting? That'd probably double the value of my truck
    I did put wheel locks on the lugs when I bought my BF Goodrich ATs. Stock rims but I'd be PO'ed if some punk stole $600 worth of tires - to me that's a lot of money.

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