Please Read: What Are The Chances Of Being Granted A Ccw

Please Read: What Are The Chances Of Being Granted A Ccw

This is a discussion on Please Read: What Are The Chances Of Being Granted A Ccw within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello. I currently work for a police department as a contracted custody transport officer.. i fall under pc 831.6. that pc makes me a public ...

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Thread: Please Read: What Are The Chances Of Being Granted A Ccw

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    Please Read: What Are The Chances Of Being Granted A Ccw

    Hello. I currently work for a police department as a contracted custody transport officer.. i fall under pc 831.6. that pc makes me a public officer for the city i work for. i contract through a security company. my job includes all dealings with prisoners from on the scene of the crime all the way through booking at the jail. however we do not have ccw permits for off duty carry. i know that the security company does not want to issue ccw's. what do you think the chances are that if i applied on my own i would be granted a ccw? i deal with all the prisoners that the PD arrests and in many cases have seen them when i am off duty. at this point there has not been an issue with any former prisoners, but i want to be sure to be prepared if something happens... i am armed while on duty.
    i am going to try and get my ccw not FOR my work but BECAUSE of my work. any advice you could share with me would be very helpful.


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    First Of All...Welcome To The Forum!
    Thanks for registering.

    Sure sounds to me like the job you have makes you the perfect candidate for a License To Carry.

    Pardon me for asking but, what the hell is wrong with that security company that you work for???
    When exactly did they flush their logical thinking down the toilet?

    You could very easily be targeted for a retribution or retaliatory hit at home or when you're not working. Especially with all of the goofy gang related stuff going on these days.

    Some more qualified (than me) forum member in your area will be able to give you more specific & helpful advice.
    Were I you...I sure would not stop trying until I had a License To hand.
    Even if you have call the N.R.A. & ask for the name of an attorney in your area that handles firearms application cases...I sure would do that.

    My best of luck to you....stay with it & don't give up.
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    T2 - welcome from me too
    not FOR my work but BECAUSE of my work.
    I cannot offer any great advice but that statement speaks volumes for me. I agree with some of what QK has said and your potential for being under threat when not on duty is to me something to take seriously.

    What I do not know at all is the climate in your locality re Sheriffs and issue etc. I would think however this is an issue well worth fighting for, even if it takes patience and some significant time.

    You do not mention your age and family responsibilities - I would think the latter if applicable would/should strengthen your case.
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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    First, I would look for another job! Here in NC, I don't remember having to list my occupation on my application for a cc permit, so maybe your work won't make any difference. The above advice to also get legal aid sounds good, too. Good luck!
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    Welcome to CC! No CA answers - but a lot of experience here o help you sort through the facts.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome to CombatCarry!

    If I were in the same situation, I would apply for my CCW. I would be completely up front as to why I wanted a CCW and make a point to press that your job requires it. Study the local laws regrading CCW permits and make sure that all your ducks are in a row when you go to apply for it. Training will certainly help so make sure you have certificates for any and all classes you have been through either for your job or on your own. Everything and anything will help!
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    Since you're in a discretionary state, I'd advise you to first try and find out who the issuing authoritie(s) are.

    If there is more than one agency head in your area who issues permits, then inquire through your local gun shop/club/range who may be the best police agency head to apply through.

    You have good reasons, however the issuing head may not think so because of an anti-gun mindset. Many department heads are bureacrats.

    I worked as a Deputy District Attorney in LA County, and also did defense in Ventura County for over 23 years. Never applied, because the word in LA County was that it was next to impossible. And no offense meant, but after retirement, I couldn't get out of that state quick enough.

    Not sure about CCW issuance in San Diego County. That's why you may want to ask around first. As was mentioned above, maybe there is an attorney in your jurisdiction who will represent you in this.

    Best wishes in your endeavor.
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    "Gun control is a job-safety program for criminals."
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    thanks everyone. i know what direction to go in now. please feel free to continue to post.

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    San Diego is tough. Here is the San Diego Sheriff Dept.'s CCW info at their website: San Diego Sheriff CCW

    As of 2004 there are only 1703 CCWs in the county out of a population of close to 3 million. Does not look good, but if it were me, I would fight for it.

    Either the police chief of your city or the county sheriff may issue you a permit. Most police chiefs defer to the sheriff. Wouldn't hurt to check out both.

    If you are real serious and San Diego won't play ball, you might consider moving a little bit north to San Bernadino County. As this CA county map at shows, they are more likely to issue.

    CA County CCW Map

    I might add that as you probably know, the CCW is issued by your county of residence but is good statewide.

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