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This is a discussion on Parenting within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The fact that they have guns wouldn't be a factor; the question would be whether they're idiots or sensible parents....

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Thread: Parenting

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    The fact that they have guns wouldn't be a factor; the question would be whether they're idiots or sensible parents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katana View Post
    But of course, so long as I know the parents are responsible with their firearms.
    i would want to be sure of this, but I'm rather comfortable with this kids (back in the day) were 'gun-proofed'.
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    The most important thing to me would be if the kids they are hanging out with are gun safe. i may be wrong but i would expect that in alot of cases the kid who knows better then to play with the gun isn't the one pointing it at someone else. in that case the kids who aren't gun safe aren't the ones who would be more likely to be injured or killed. it would be the gun safe kids who know better then to handle a strange gun they found.

    So my focus would be on having a talk with the kids your children are going to be playing with so you know what level of competence they have.
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    My kids didnt go to the home of someone I hadnt met. My son still doesnt. That said, folks who think the way your fellow forumites are thinking are sheep, plain and simple. I woulkd forbid my child to go to their home.

    Why? Because with their sheeple mentality if someone breaks in to murder everyone and your kid is there, no chance the sheep is gonna protect them.

    Turn it around on em and make them the bad parent for not being armed.

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    Not having any kids yet, my opinon really doesnt count. However, I can say that I would allow my future kids into the house only after I have met with them and trust them. When I was a kid, I grew up respecting guns, my parents were LEO's and they held the same view. My best friends father had more guns that Russia! But my father and mother trusted him and we all had a great time.

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    My son is only 19 months right now so it's not a concern of mine at this point, but I know that when it is I want to know if there are guns in his friends house and if there are I want to know the security situation and also the firearm education level of the child(ren) in that home. I believe that guns are a tool, but as we all know they can hurt you I don't think I can be too cautious when it comes to him.
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    My carrying doesnt seem to stop any of my neighbors from sending their kids over to my house.

    i know everyone in my area has firearms maybe not ccing but plenty of weapons.

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    I agree with those who have said the parents must be responsible. Although i wouldnt send my child to someones home i didnt know to be responsible regardless. Guns or no guns.
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    When you say "another person's house" you change the whole scenario. As a retired High School teacher, with a Master's Degree in Special Ed and 10 years practice in actual classroom Behavior Intervention with the "problem" kids, I really feel a need to throw another factor into the equation. I am less concerned about the security of weapons than I am about the mental attitude and moral values of the other children involved. There are children are capable of murder just for the sake of seeing "how it feels" or by pure negligence because of a general lack of value for human life. The mental state of the children in the "carry" home would influence whether or not I let my children play there. I raised two boys myself and I trusted both of them, but I did not trust some of their friends. Unfortuately, my fears did play out. My children weren't hurt but others were. This follows the trite but true axiom we quote so often, "Guns don't kill, people kill."
    Some homes could have unlocked gun racks and never have a problem. Some homes could have locked gun safes and the troubled kid will still get to the guns. Know your child's friends, invite them over to your house and observe their behavior. The bad things show up real quick, if you know the signs. If the kids are stable, I would let my kids go over and check out their gun collection!

    The guns aren't the problem!
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    I would have to know something about the parents and residence. I talk to my kids all the time about safety and what we should do. I don't worry about them going as long as the above are met. Hopefully the other kids are taught safety as well.
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    Ask if the guns are secured

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    Most of our friends carry as well. I know they have guns in their house and they know we have them. My kids know guns aren't toys and they have been trained in what they can do.

    We do not have a problem with it in fact, I like the idea that they can protect my kids when they are there.
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    How many places do you send your child to that you know the folks they are spending time with have had a background check? Also, they can defend the home - another plus factor. If the gun folks were just somebody who had picked up the guns at a garage sale, no permit and now safe that would be a different matter but all things being equal, where would you want to have your kids. But, as one said responsible parents check the place out before their kids go there anyway.

    just my 2 cents worth.
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    1) I hate the verb "Parenting." Think of the forms of a verb. When did you "parent", when have you "parented" etc. IMHO -- you become a parent when you have a child. At that point you have "parented." From then on you "raise" the child/children.

    OK Old-Fart's rant over.

    2) Except on an emotional level, how is this question any different than:

    a) If you knew that your child's best friends parents were going to drive somewhere would you allow them to go with them? (much higher rate of child deaths than guns).

    b) If you knew that your child's best friends parents had a pool would you allow them to go to that house? (much higher rate of child deaths than guns).

    c) If you knew that your child's best friends parents had matches/lighters/stoves/etc would you allow them to go to that house? (much higher rate of child deaths than guns).

    d) If you knew that your child's best friends parents had any household cleaning materials/alcohol/Rx/or other sources of item that might poison a child would you allow them to go to that house? (much higher rate of child deaths than guns).

    e) If you knew that your child's best friends parents had any plastic bags/strong string/ropes/belts/etc would you allow them to go to that house? (much higher rate of child deaths than guns).

    See: National Child Mortality Data

    Unintentional Injury 12,035 14.8
    Motor Vehicle 7,677 9.5
    Drowning 1,062 1.3
    Fire/Burn 551 0.7
    Poisoning 650 0.8
    Suffocation/Strangulation 910 1.1
    Firearm 151 0.2
    Also see:

    Also see: - Do Gun Control Activists Pad Gun Death Statistics? - Opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by LinkT View Post
    Let's put the question a different way: Assuming the parents are responsible gun owners, why would you NOT want your child to be protected while out of your care?

    Or, at least, that's the question most of us would ask.Parents who aren't comfortable with firearms would see it differently, naturally.
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    I agree with wjh2657’s perspective. It would depend on the lifestyle, maturity level, and intellect of the kids and their parents.

    Conversely, it's rather shallow to close out my children and my neighbors' based on some preconceived biased.
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