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    I'm very surprised that many people said "yes, without thinking twice about it" -- I would go to the house, meet the parents, and discuss in detail how the firearms are kept before I would be comfortable I think. I don't trust anyone else with firearms except myself. I'm all for people owning guns obviously, but there are waaaaay too many idiots out there. No problems at all of course once I meet the parents and learn that they aren't like some people I've met.

    Of course, this is only if the subject came up somehow -- when you think about it, it's not something typically investigated before allowing a child to visit his buddy's house. How many on here ask about firearms before allowing a child to visit? I don't have kids yet, so I guess I have a lot to think about still.
    It is utterly illogical to believe that passing laws to reduce gun violence will be successful when those who are commiting the gun violence do not obey the law.

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    Actually, I do not ask about guns in the home. Never thought about it to be truthful. There is a kid accross the street who my son plays with but I have told him to not go in the house --- many reasons more on the lack of responsibale adults than anything else.

    No one ask me or my wife; we had two kids over for a sleep over and another from 16:00 to 2200 whose family does not do sleepovers (the kid comes home at 22:00). Understand that my loaded guns are locked up in a gun safe. The long guns that are not loaded unless in use are in the back of my closet --- I do not sleep well so just try to walk in a open the door to the closet they are in!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach and Holly View Post
    I'm very surprised that many people said "yes, without thinking twice about it" -- I would go to the house, meet the parents, and discuss in detail how the firearms are kept before I would be comfortable I think. I don't trust anyone else with firearms except myself.
    What other things are on the list that you discuss in detail -- in addition to guns?

    Driving record, their driving experience, their vehicles' safety rating, there plans to drive somewhere? Other details?

    Swimming pool, pond, lake, river etc. and their related safety practices? Other details?

    Matches/lighters/stoves/etc. location and number of fire extinguishers details of and frequency of their family fire drills? Other details?

    Details of their storage practices for household cleaning materials/alcohol/Rx/or other sources of item that might poison a child? Other details?

    Details of their storage practices for any plastic bags/strong string/ropes/belts/etc would you allow them to go to that house?
    Other details?

    If not a close detailed review of the the sources of the major danger to children that far exceed guns, why. Why treat a lesses danger with more attentions and fear than a number of greater dangers?

    See: National Child Mortality Data

    Also see:

    Also see: - Do Gun Control Activists Pad Gun Death Statistics? - Opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post
    When you say "another person's house" you change the whole scenario. As a retired High School teacher, with a Master's Degree in Special Ed and 10 years practice in actual classroom Behavior Intervention with the "problem" kids, I really feel a need to throw another factor into the equation. I am less concerned about the security of weapons than I am about the mental attitude and moral values of the other children involved. There are children are capable of murder just for the sake of seeing "how it feels" or by pure negligence because of a general lack of value for human life. The mental state of the children in the "carry" home would influence whether or not I let my children play there. I raised two boys myself and I trusted both of them, but I did not trust some of their friends. Unfortuately, my fears did play out. My children weren't hurt but others were. This follows the trite but true axiom we quote so often, "Guns don't kill, people kill."
    Some homes could have unlocked gun racks and never have a problem. Some homes could have locked gun safes and the troubled kid will still get to the guns. Know your child's friends, invite them over to your house and observe their behavior. The bad things show up real quick, if you know the signs. If the kids are stable, I would let my kids go over and check out their gun collection!

    The guns aren't the problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thebault View Post
    I agree with those who have said the parents must be responsible. Although i wouldn't send my child to someones home i didn't know to be responsible regardless. Guns or no guns.
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    That it.

    Know the kids.

    Know the parents.

    Trust them? Have complete confidence in each person involved. Trust them with a gamut of things far more dangerous to your child wellbeing than a gun?

    If not, I'd not let the child play over there if the had shown me their gun safe or what ever.

    OTOH -- both parents could carry all day and teach the kids to shoot age appropriate weapons, if trusted them?

    As always YMMV -- however I think some posters have been taken in by the antis' fear mongering. The antis are great at using fear to leverage the opinions and actions of others toward some end, when the facts and reality of the situation does not justify that level of fear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wife07Mom09 View Post
    I have another forum that is just for moms in Ga. and in my debating about carrying I asked them what they thought about it.
    I was so suprised... Almost all of them said that they wouldn't let their child go to another person's house if they knew there would be guns.
    A few of them even said that they don't let their kids play with toy guns!
    So here is my question to ya'll... If you knew that your childs best friends parents were carrying would you allow them to go to that house?
    yes,i would prefer that they visit at that home.

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