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Thread: Parenting

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    I have another forum that is just for moms in Ga. and in my debating about carrying I asked them what they thought about it.
    I was so suprised... Almost all of them said that they wouldn't let their child go to another person's house if they knew there would be guns.
    A few of them even said that they don't let their kids play with toy guns!
    So here is my question to ya'll... If you knew that your childs best friends parents were carrying would you allow them to go to that house?
    "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his house, his possessions are safe."
    - Luke 11:21

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    Yes without thinking twice about it. My neighbors daughter is my daughters best friend, and he has more firearms than I do.

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    While my two are grown and on their own, I did and still have the premise that it is another opportunity for education. I see so many of the children today that don't have a clue. And they don't have that clue simply because they are sheltered to the point that if we keep them from it, it doesn't exist.

    I feel that my kids have a well rounded education, both school and on the streets. Their mom on the other hand, well that's for another day. The show "cops" is a good example. Not a show that I watch but my son would happen upon it while surfing. It gave me an opportunity to explain, you do bad things or things outside of the law, you will get caught.

    Just an example.
    Sometimes you find your destiny on the road you chose to avoid it.

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    But of course, so long as I know the parents are responsible with their firearms.
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    If it was My Child over at someone house I would know the people before the Child would be left over there.

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    Absolutely! Of course I would want to know that they are responsible gun owners. I am personally not woried about my kids picking up or handling a gun they find. But, I don't know what they have taught their kids about firearm safety. I want to know there won't be random guns lying around.
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    The age of the children involved plays a role. Mine are all teens and have access to guns all the time. We live in the country and they are home alone often, so for self defense guns are available to them. Now when their friends come over they are not left alone, regardless of who the kids are, I am not taking that chance. The guns are locked away as well.

    We generally know how our kids react and behave but not so with other peoples children.

    I do not let my kids go anywhere unless I know the parents or have met them or been to their house before or sometimes it is just a "No Way" from knowing the kids they want to hang out with.

    I do not consider it sheltering so much as doing my job to protect them as long as I can.

    The good thing is as parents we have the right to pick and choose who our children visit, and if we do not feel comfortable with it, they do not go. Regardless of the reason.

    I am the one who has to live with the decision and consequences if something bad happens.

    I refuse to be uninvolved in my childrens lives.

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    It depends on the parents and on the children. We have some neighbors that I swear shouldn't be within 5 city blocks of a water gun, let alone a loaded firearm. And that's the PARENTS!

    On the other hand, we have some who I know have guns in the home, and I am totally cool with my son over there playing with their boys. The parents are responsible and the kids are well-behaved and respectful, AND they are supervised at all times. Kinda like when the kids are over here. :)
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    We don't let our daughter play at any friend's house unless there are responsible adults on hand.

    Having said that, I prefer that she play in homes where those aforementioned responsible adults are both willing and capable of protecting her from any dangers that might arise........just as my wife and I are.

    Why would you want to send your kid someplace where they're less safe than they are at home?
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    From my past experience, I can confirm that educating kids about firearms is the only way you can know they are safe around guns, and because mine where use to being around them, I never thought anything about it.

    But now that you mention it, for those sheep who afraid of a gun; they have no way to educate them. So, I can see why they might be fearful.

    I can also see another side of the coin.

    A good friend of mine who works for a British DOD contractor visited last Christmas. He is very familiar with firearms, and sometimes, has to carry’s one at work. His daughter age two has not been educated about guns yet.

    So, when he got to my house, he came in and said to me before she wakeup and I bring her in, (long flight and car ride from airport) have you secured all the weapons in the house? I confirmed, and said with exception of the one in my pocket.

    Just to be on the safe side when we have friends over, who have kids, with the exception of the one in my pocket, I always lockup all the rest of the guns.
    Just to be safe.

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    Excellent post David in FL .

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    Depends on the kids and their parents, when my kids were little wasn't much of an issue. Now that I have grand kids all I have to worry about are my guns and educating the kids. My son take care of his and my daughter leaves it to me.

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    Absolutely, as long as I know the parents, kids, and know they are responsible. I do not let my kids go anywhere if I don't know the parents/kids anyway. If I didn't think they were responsible enough for a gun - even if they have none- my kids wouldn't be there anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wife07Mom09 View Post
    So here is my question to ya'll... If you knew that your childs best friends parents were carrying would you allow them to go to that house?

    But, standard guidelines apply:
    • Have long since firearm-proofed the kid.
    • Know the parents of every child's friend.
    • Know that the parents are dead-solid responsible in all respects. This has nothing whatsoever to do with firearms, as such.
    • Know if the parents practice intelligent handling/storage of firearms (ie, appreciate the risks that firearms left layin' around pose).

    So long as the parents are responsible with and respectful of firearms and related safety, I have no qualms whatsoever. Merely owning guns isn't sufficient to keep a home safe.
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    Glock 33 .357 SIG plus .40 S&W barrel for most of practice. Keep loaded with .357 SIG hollow point for home protection.

    RugerLCP .380 equipped with Crimson Trace for everyday carry.

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