A draw consideration?

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Thread: A draw consideration?

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    A draw consideration?

    Our recent thread on grip got me thinking and checking other aspects - particularly regarding grip aquisition in the draw. I came to one conclusion which I am interested to know if others have probably found.

    I did some slow draws to try and see what I normally do with strong hand - not usually a very conscious process. The one thing tho that did strike me as important, if not even critical - is that first hand contact prior to grip and finger closure, then the actual withdrawal.

    I find myself placing web of hand right into the sub beavertail recess with quite some force - almost applying a momentary downward pressure into the rig. Having ''indexed'' that way I then close fingers and draw - grip is almost ideal every time and gun ''points'' well even before a sight line up. The initial contact tho is below (behind) beavertail - such that hand web hits backstrap and slides forward and downward as one motion - this seems to save ''aiming'' hand too far forward and slamming into the beavertail itself - or worse!

    As an experiment, I tried gaining a hold which was based on fingertips just touching then an immediate draw - no good!! Grip was way off ideal and needed adjustment. It was sloppy.

    Now this may vary of course between individuals but let's just say - analyzing my own automatic subconscious method - where hand web ''indexes'', makes for a much greater consistency draw to draw and so grip to grip. It does tho need that quite marked downward shove for me before fingers close.
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    I do the same thing... the web of the hand clamps down, and then the fingers just seem to fall into place.

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    I do same thing cram the web down into the grip and then draw only way i can acquire the shooting grip i like

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    same here

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    Same thing on every pistol and holster combo I've tried, from IWB Kahr, OWB 1911, and thigh rig Beretta 92.
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    same for me. makes for a more secure feeling of actually having a good hold on the gun.

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    I agree with whatever it was that P95Carry wrote. I definitely push down onto the grip with the web of my hand between the thumb and forefinger. I'm sure I do all of the other stuff too. It is all subconscious of course.
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    I think that is the way you'll find most of us draw. Pushing down like that "compresses" the web, and gives you a firmer grip, translating into better accuracy.

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    Same here. Only difference is I have thumb breaks on my holsters, so my thumb pops the snap as my hand hits the pistol's backstrap. It (thumb) doesn't really find its spot until just after the upward motion begins.


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    Funny, but I was conscious of this just last night myself.
    And, in several practice draws and dry fires ... I find that my first contact with my weapon is usually my thumb on the safety (1911) with my fingers pulling the gun up into my palm.
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    Yup, I would have to go with the same mode of draw, minus the firm push down. . . hmm might have to go check that.

    Ok, how about your weak hand? What is it doing while you are drawing? I usually carry IWB, so I grab the shirt with both hands and pull up. Then release with strong to grab gun, but the weak hand holds the shirt our of the picture until the gun is clear of the holster and beginning its extension out toward the target where the weak hand then joins up to complete the grip.

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    Yep, I use the web pressed first too. Usually my weak hand is helping to keep a cover garmnet or my shirt flat to my stomach, out of the way. then as the pistol comes up, I meet with the strong hand and grip.

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    Same. I like a bit of cant so when I push down and forward with the web of my hand, the hand runs high and tight under the beavertail. The 1911 safety is off and the thumb is under it before the gun clears. The finger is at the trigger when the gun lines up with the target at belt level, if the decision to fire has already been made. The gun is kept lined up as it is pushed out, during the crouch, centered with the navel, raised to chin with two hand hold, and finally up to the eyes. It can be fired anytime from retention to sight depending on accuracy required and time available.
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    I also draw this way. Makes my grip position nearly the same every time.

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