I had an unusual event this last Saturday.

I had an unusual event this last Saturday.

This is a discussion on I had an unusual event this last Saturday. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was driving a 26’ U-Haul from Albany to Columbus, GA for my step-daughter. The POS U-Haul died approx. 20 miles from our destination. While ...

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Thread: I had an unusual event this last Saturday.

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    I had an unusual event this last Saturday.

    I was driving a 26’ U-Haul from Albany to Columbus, GA for my step-daughter. The POS U-Haul died approx. 20 miles from our destination. While waiting 3-1/2 hours for a wrecker, I was visited by a GA St. Patrolman, and a local Sheriff Deputy and we spent some time standing off the side of the road and talking. The GSP was very professional and we talked about his training, guns, politics, and the fiasco that is occurring on our southern US Border. He never asked if I was carrying, although I noticed him looking at my right side from time to time. I was dressed in jeans, T-shirt, untucked cover shirt, and my Para-Ord Tac Four dbl stack in a IWB Holster.

    He talked about how he liked his job but didn’t like the low pay. He is a 12 year veteran with GSP and intends to retire in his job. I really believe we take our LEOs for granted sometimes. My Father always said “You get what you pay for”. Maybe that might explain why some LEOs aren’t of the highest character. As with our Military, most individuals serve because of a higher calling instead of a “job”, this Trooper believes he can make a difference. So many thanks to those LEOs that serve because of principal.
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    So many thanks to those LEOs that serve because of principle.
    I'll echo that - and when I ask myself quite often - ''would I like to do that job''? - my answer is NO!

    They maybe have a similarity in some ways to our fighting soldiers - 95% tedium and routine - interspersed with occasional frightening, frenetic and chaotic action, and never really knowing when that might occur.
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    Thank you all! You know who you are!
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    I had a pretty positive experience with a Georgia Sherrif several years ago. I was driving back to VA with the family after visiting in-laws in FL. Due to my lack of attention I managed to put the car in the ditch on the highway. No one was hurt forutunately but it was actually instructive in how there really are good folks out there still. Two truckers pulled over to make sure we were all right, the Sherrif was very friendly and chatted with my wife and I until the tow truck showed up. The tow truck people were also very nice, taking my car back to their business and cleaning up the glass from the inside (swiped some trees and shattered a back window) and got us semi-road worthy again. Though it rather sucked, like I said it made me realize that there are truely some friendly folks out there still.

    At the time I owned a Ford Probe with the pop-up headlights. One of these was pulled back so far it was worthless so the tow truck guys took it off for me. When we made it to VA that evening I was running with one headlight, which prompted a VA Sherrif to pull me over. She was courteous too, ran my plates, etc. When she told me I had a headlight "out" I said something like, "Yea, I know. It's in the trunk!"
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    I can't add anything that hasn't already been said about their being plenty of good, honest, and decent LEO's out their, But I can add that my one and only experience while carrying was very pleasant, even though I got a ticket, expired tags, nobody's fault but my own. The Officer was very friendly, he did take my firearm to the car when he ran my tags and license, If I were him, I'd probably do the same.

    So to end the rambling.

    I also would like to thank the LEO's that take pride in truly helping their fellow citizen.
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    I deal with LEO's on a daily basis at work.

    Some of them are outstanding individuals others are real jerks. Some are as smart as a whip, others are as dumb as a box of rocks.
    Most people tend to stereotype LEO's, in reality LEO's are people just like everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    I'll echo that - and when I ask myself quite often - ''would I like to do that job''? - my answer is NO!

    I'd gladly do the job if I was single, only had myself to support, and not having a significant other, or children to worry about me.

    As i'm getting ready to get married, supporting a growing family is more important, and ideas like that no longer make sense to me.

    Kudos to those that do it, even more kudos to those that do it with a family.
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    The profession truly is a higher calling and the majority of us (in my area) are prior service also. First and foremost we are human, but have a greater duty and responsibility to those that we serve then ourselves. The pay is substandard and the risk is high, but I have enjoyed the adventure since 1983 and will miss the opportunity to help those in need when I give up the badge.

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    +1 to Nitrogen. I'm in the same boat. I'm about to get married and although I really want to go into law enforcement my future wife isn't comfortable with it (actually she won't allow it). I'm protective of her and really want to have a job where I can protect other people aswell.

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    I served my time in LE with no regrets, but now that i am out well wild horses couldnt drag me back inn lol

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