I kept hammering in comments to pass some of my suggestions and questions to the moderating editor how to fix California deficit with proposed cuts and appropriate methods of taxation in revenue gain to offset the deficit.

The event can be replayed below.

"Live Video - Ask the Governor - Friday, June 5, 2009, 11 a.m."

Here's one of a few that I wrote which got "sampled" in the chat room at Sacramento Bee live discussion with Governor Schwarzenegger.

I dunno if he ever learned the suggestion. The editors did not pick most questions, either in sampled representation in the chat room or filtered, because either the editors were very selective or Governor was too busy with only an hour to answer some questions at length.

[Comment From [name] [another state; currently Utah]]

On your campaign web site "JoinArnold.com" in 2003, you said you believe in Second Amendment. Why don't you tell Republican legislators to draft the bill that grants the right to concealed carry for good citizens for self-protection, family and property? Regulate or abolish county authority (sheriff) in fair issuance. You should get the surplus in a division from concealed carry license application fees. More American citizens will move to California to live and work if you liberate gun control law re: shall issue policy, make it state wide or abolish sheriff's power of discretion in selective bias. More concealed carry for licensees help control crime and protect people from gangs and criminals.
I'm impressed the moderator allowed this comment to post in the room.

Besides many questions centered on the topic of illegal immigration, unions, and bloated judicial/penal system in complaint.

I wrote a 4-page letter to Governor Schwarzenegger to consider liberating gun control laws (through legislation) to grant legal resident citizens of California the right to concealed carry and firearms (specific types prohibited by state law) for maximum protection and to control crime in case of collapse that leads to anarchy a few weeks prior.