First LEO Encounter

First LEO Encounter

This is a discussion on First LEO Encounter within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Had my first encounter with law enforcement since I obtained my permit last year. I was coming down off a mountain wilderness area after doing ...

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Thread: First LEO Encounter

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    Had my first encounter with law enforcement since I obtained my permit last year.

    I was coming down off a mountain wilderness area after doing some backpacking. I saw the Clackamas County (Oregon) deputy had someone pulled over and he apperently had just finished up his business with another driver when I drove by. Not 10 seconds had passed when the deputy pulled onto the road, now directly behind me.

    About 3 minutes later, I get lit up and I immediately pull over. I already have my window down, hands clearly on the steering wheel and license and permit in hand by the time the deputy arrives at my window.

    He informs me the reason he pulled me over was my license plate lights were out (equipment violation). He asks what I'm doing in the area and we talk about my backpacking trip, the snow level I encountered, etc. Very friendly conversation. Finally, he asks for my license. I give it to him, and at the same time, I say, "I'm also handing you my concealed weapons permit." In Oregon, it's voluntary, but any lookup on my license will flag me as having a permit. I know I don't have to inform him ahead of time, but I made the decision long ago that I would be one of those who volunteer it, but only if my license is asked for.

    He takes boththe license and the permit, briefly looks them over and says, "sir, without reaching for your weapon, can you tell me where it's at?"

    I said, "Yes, sir. In my fanny pack on the passenger seat next to me."

    Without skipping a beat, he says, "Very good. I'll be right back."

    He walks back to his rig, I assume to check on my license and permit, and returns a minute later. Hands them back to me, asks me to get my lights fixed and wishes me a good evening. End of story.

    Very positive encounter and no citation!

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    good encounter, hope your future encounters go as smooth.

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    Very smooth..........on both your parts. I can only hope my first one goes as smooth as yours.
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    Good and u did correct thing
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    Textbook! Thanks for sharing.
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    That's the way it should happen!!
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    Thumbs up

    to you.

    to the Deputy.

    All around

    Μολὼν λαβέ

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    Exactly the way it SHOULD go! Nice to hear :)
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    it's all about attitude most of the time glad it went good for you and the leo officer

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    pulled over for a licence plate light out? He was truly bored.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Florian View Post
    pulled over for a licence plate light out? He was truly bored.

    No, in most states that's called a courtesy stop.

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    Just as it should be...and get your light fixed.
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    Had my 1st experience last Saturday. The wife and I were on our way to the indoor range in Sevierville Tn on hwy 66 the traffic bowed up in front of me so I slowed down real quick and cam e to a complete stop looking in the mirror I saw a VW Bug coming and told the wife to hang on this all took about 5 to 8 seconds. BAM the bug hits us hard then BAM a Malibu hits the bug BAM the bug hits us again. I jump out of the car to check on everyone and all were ok (side note the air bags on the Bug did not deploy and the hood was to the windsheild) so I call 911 and get the cops on the way and carry on small talk with all involved with the .45 acp covered @ 4 o'clock no one was the wiser... except for the wife she went and got all the docs out of the car so I didn't have to bend over or be comprised in anyway (what a babe) the LEO arrived and let us move to a parking lot because of the heavy traffic and i walked up to him with my hcp on top of my dl and told him i have several concealed handguns. His eyes got big and said in your car I hope I said yes 4 in the car and they are secure and 1 on me at 4 o'clock and it is secure his exact words "holy !!!! 4 in the car why" on my way to the range was my answer he said to Sevier I said yup he said keep em hid I said ok and all was good. Was a good experience for the 1st one.

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    jbum, sorry to hear about your accident. Good that neither you or your wife were hurt!
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