Summer : pocket vs full sized guns & CC (methods)

Summer : pocket vs full sized guns & CC (methods)

This is a discussion on Summer : pocket vs full sized guns & CC (methods) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok... my past experience taught me several things. One is that summer and warmer weather, the crime (esp violent crime) goes up.... more people out, ...

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Thread: Summer : pocket vs full sized guns & CC (methods)

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    Summer : pocket vs full sized guns & CC (methods)

    Ok... my past experience taught me several things. One is that summer and warmer weather, the crime (esp violent crime) goes up.... more people out, etc. as well. So, I've heard many going to carrying pocket guns (less shots, smaller calibers, etc) during the summer for convenience when in truth, the likelihood is higher that we may encounter a situation where would need our guns for self-protection.

    So, in winter, with few people out and less crime of this type, we carry larger guns, calibers, etc...

    We all know this is out of comfort & convenience. It's easier to throw a pocket gun in our shorts during hot weather, etc. BUT , is that really the smart thing to do ? ? ? Are we defeating our purpose of carrying ? and reducing the odds for ourselves ??

    So, I've been trying to do the opposite and figuring out ways to carry that I can wear my shorts, etc. and that I can carry my higher capacity / caliber guns, etc.

    I would like to know what others have found that works.
    I tried one thing when I want to wear cotton shorts... it's a nylon belt with the holster/gun attached to it .... with my shorts on the outside of it and the shirt over that, none of the weight of the gun is on the shorts... and found this works well.

    A t-shirt 1 size up helps conceal better. Of course the Hawaiian shirts, a fanny pack carry, and a undershirt carry are others I use. One thing I have found myself doing is to have the gun IWB .... and the pocket carry on me as well.

    What have you found or used ?

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    I just use a IWB holster, and a Tshirt.....
    Although if Im just outside in the yard now I just have a Pocket Pistol, if I leave my home and go out I put on the full size.
    About the only time you see me without my fullsize weapon is at work where I am usually in a tank top and bending over almost 70% of the time.
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    Here in FL, winter means longer shorts....5.11 shorts and a good belt.
    I'm never wearing warm winter coats, just open shirts.
    If I can carry a Kimber in .45 or a Glock in .45 with just a cover can, too!
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    I carry a Glock 23 summer and winter in a supertuck. Winter is carpenter jeans and a t-shirt. Summer is carpenter shorts or cargo shorts with t-shirt. If the top is off my jeep ill even take my shirt off while driving and put it back on if i get out to do something. TN is an oc state though so your milege may vary.

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    Winter or summer doesnt make much difference in what or how I carry. I do tend to carry a little more weight around the holidays.

    Around the house I'll carry something small and light like my P32 in the summer, but thats cause I'm typically wearing a pair of board shorts and a Tshirt...maybe.
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    I pocket carry most of the time. I have 3 main carry guns. When I am out, I carry a kel-tec p-11, 13 rounds of 9mm in your pocket,winter,summer. When I get home the p-11 comes out and a 642 goes in pocket. Only real reason for that move is copperheads. I load the first 2 cylinders with snake killer. gold dots in other 3. Speed strip in other pocket. Other gun is a p3at. It's the absolute go anywhere anytime gun. I have other weapons Kahr cw9, Taurus 1911, Beretta 92fs, kel-tec pf9 but they basically get range time or safe time anymore.
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    I also carry the same weapons, a 1911 or a SIG P220 summer or winter in an IWB holster and I carry a spare magazine too. Summer, under a t-shirt.

    The only time I carry a smaller weapon is when absolute concealment is necessary, and I'll opt for my S&W 340 in a SmartCarry... but that doesn't happen very often.
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    G19 year round, carry for comfort, dress for carry.

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    I use a Nemesis pocket holster by Desantis, for my 9mm Glock 26. Once I get the time to qualify with it, I'll carry mt 45ACP Glock 30. I don't see any need to drop down to a .32 or any other lower caliber.

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    Just for sake of discussion, I also go to smaller guns and pocket carry over the summer. But I've always thought I won't be shooting through heavy coats. In the winter, I'm wearing heavier clothing, but so are the BG's. Summer means a .380 with FMJ's, and winter means my .45 or 9mm with JHP's.
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    I find myself using my IWB holsters again for summer which I disliked for awhile because OWB is more comfortable. I put up with my gun being held extremely close to my body and the slight discomfort that goes with it. I do have a S&W 642, but it usually just stays in the safe since I don't have a holster for it yet. My G19 rides in my Comp Tac MTAC or Infidel depending on what I am wearing. I have been carrying for almost three years and I still get self conscious about it. I still feel I have that big sign above me that says "I have a gun!"
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    Talking Summer carry options

    Easy to hide with a loose untucked shirt: Glock 26/27 or Kahr PM 9/40 in a Fist Kydex IWB clip on holster worn just to the right of zipper, printing isn't an issue and access is quick.

    In pocket: Ruger LCP. Kel-Tec P3AT easiest to hide and better than nothing. If you have slightly deeper looser pockets then a S&W 442 or the already mentioned Kahr PM9 are pocketable and offer more piece of mind.

    My newest summer carry discovery: Smartcarry. I put the Smart carry on with some lightweight gym (sweat) shorts and a t-shirt; a Springfield XD9 subcompact (9mm 3'' barrel, 13+1 capacity) was totally concealed. My wife knew I had the holster and was looking for printing but couldn't see any. I lifted the t-shirt out of the way and still nothing was obvious, although I was looking specifically for it. I was impressed / amazed.

    If it not too hot to wear a t-shirt with an untucked loose plaid shirt over it, then I'm going for my XD45 compact in a Blade-Tech ultimate concealment IWB Kydex holster in strong side carry; this is also my preference whenever possible.

    I'm anal about printing and all these methods are very well concealed.

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    same but different

    I have a compact 1911 with a 3.5" barrel that conceals well IWB summer or winter. I also have a 5" 1911 that's better for OWB with an outer cover during cooler weather. Only a couple of rounds difference between them.

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    IWB works for me in shorts, pants, etc. I also made a "pocket" holster for the larger cargo pocket on my cargo shorts, holds my XD firmly in place and eliminates printing (just not great if I'm going to be doing any running).
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    Another vote for SmartCarry...
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