CCW path

CCW path

This is a discussion on CCW path within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm currently holding an Arkansas CCW and would like to know the shortest least expensive path to CCW's in states that don't have reciprocity with ...

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Thread: CCW path

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    CCW path

    I'm currently holding an Arkansas CCW and would like to know the shortest least expensive path to CCW's in states that don't have reciprocity with Arkansas.
    I'm working in Alabama and am thinking about getting a New Hampshire permit as it is honored here.
    Has anyone documented the best way to go about getting the most coverage available?

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    You MIGHT try they have some nice license software.

    Good luck.
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    Welcome Joe

    Nut sure what is best for price tho I seem to remember the NH is good value. I have a FL non-res which does IIRC cover about 20 plus states - but that is well over $100. I seem to recall too when I was travelling that my PA covered me for AR and IN but not many others at all.

    I must see about the NH one myself.
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    Joe, I live in Alabama and I have decided that this is the route I am going to take. I have my Alabama CCW which gives about 20 states, but more important it gives me Florida and Michigan which don't accept Non-Residents permits. I am going to get New Hampshire which only gives me one state that Utah nor Alabama have, but for $20 for a 4 year permit it is worth it. The state it gives is Pennsylvania which is the state that my wife and I will be visiting in the spring of '07. I have found several sites that provide the classroom part of the Utah Non-Resident permit online, but it is pretty expensive. The site listed below has an introductory offer going now and is only charging $49 for the course. (I have no financial interest in the site nor the parent company, I just had requested that they let me know when they would be doing training in my area. When they started the online training they sent me an email) Then you have to do the paperwork, get pictures, fingerprint cards, and proof of an acceptable firearms safety course such as NRA basic pistol and send it along with $59 to Utah. The Utah permit is for 5 years. For me this will provide a permit for every state that accepts any out of state permits. There is nothing I can do about places like California, Maryland, Oregon, etc. that do not accept other states permits, but this gives me 32 states in which I can legally carry. With an Arkansas permit you would have 33 states if you got New Hampshire and Utah Non-Resident permits because Arkansas has South Carolina.

    The site with the online Utah training is:

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    Utah is an excellent buy.
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    Thanks for the advise.

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    I have my Nevada, Utah and New Hampshire. According to that makes me legal in 32 states.
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    I have an NH non-resident permit. $20 and a stamp. Had it in my hands in < 2 weeks.

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