This is a discussion on Hooters within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; hey saw a sign in texas outside a hooters that just said no handguns allowed inside. do they make 51% or more from alcohol sales? ...

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Thread: Hooters

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    hey saw a sign in texas outside a hooters that just said no handguns allowed inside. do they make 51% or more from alcohol sales? or is that sign bogus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hammer6 View Post
    do they make 51% or more from alcohol sales?

    I'm sure they do.
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    How would the average person know such things?

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    The signs in Texas that really mean something to a licensed handgun carrier are the "30.06" signs, and the "51%" signs. There are also signs that are posted at any place that sells alcohol, that apply to UNLICENSED carry of handguns. Anyone who carries a handgun in Texas should educate themselves on the differences between these three types of signa! The original post does not adequately describe the sign seen at Hooters. Did the sign actually say "51%" anywhere on it?

    I don't go to Hooters much, so I have not noticed the signs. The scenery is not good enough to compensate for the quality of the food. Based on the one time I did go into Hooters as a customer, long ago, it is indeed possible they are more of a sports bar than a restaurant, so perhaps they do derive more than 51% of sales from alcoholic beverages.

    Signage is not always correct. I have seen "51%" signs at grocery stores.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hammer6 View Post
    do they make 51% or more from alcohol sales?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sixgunner View Post

    I'm sure they do.

    There are Hooters in Virginia, which advertise/have a "Full Bar." Not that I'm admitting having ever being in one. But, I assure you that in some you can OC w/o anyone paying any attention.

    To even get a license for Mixed beverages, our law allows 55% (e.g., 45% must be from food cooked or prepared, and consumed on the premises and nonalcoholic beverages served on the premises).

    4.1-210. Mixed beverages licenses.

    A. Subject to the provisions of 4.1-124, the Board may grant the following licenses relating to mixed beverages:

    1. Mixed beverage restaurant licenses, which shall authorize the licensee to sell and serve mixed beverages for consumption in dining areas and other designated areas of such restaurant. Such license may be granted only to persons (i) who operate a restaurant and (ii) whose gross receipts from the sale of food cooked or prepared, and consumed on the premises and nonalcoholic beverages served on the premises, after issuance of such license, amount to at least 45 percent of the gross receipts from the sale of mixed beverages and food. For the purposes of this paragraph, other designated areas shall include outdoor dining areas, whether or not contiguous to the licensed premises, which outdoor dining areas may have more than one means of ingress and egress to an adjacent public thoroughfare, provided such areas are under the control of the licensee and approved by the Board.
    I assume that that some don't meet that threshold as they don't list a "Full Bar", or that some could fall between 51% and 55%.

    But, FWIIW, I'd bet that many Hooters do sell more that 50% food and nonalcoholic beverages.
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    You're asking the wrong people, ask the Manager at the Hooters where you saw the sign.

    Booze in restaurants is more expensive than Hot Wings so I wouldn't be surprised at all if that is indeed the case.

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    I was under the impression that Hooters' main commodity was something other than alcohol.
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    With a topic of "Hooters"... WHERE'S THE PICTURES?

    Oh Oh! Too much Red Bull tonight!
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    This makes me wonder if this "no firearms" policy extends to all their locations in the US. I'll have to stop by the Hooters located here in Las Vegas and look for any "no firearms" signs if I'm passing by in that part of town.
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    Perhaps it depends on which Hooters one goes into, but in my experience the scenery DOES make up for the food.
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    Why would you even patronize such a place? If they don't want you to carry guns, then don't give them your money. You should also respect their wishes and not carry if you choose to enter.

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    "No Firearms allowed" must be a invalid sign

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    I just get a glass of water and sit in the corner with my sunglasses on.
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    Hmmm...no one else saw thought this thread was going to be about owls, huh? Just me?

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    Doesn't worry me, I just won't set foot in one. If the food is bad as some of the respondents indicate, I'll spend money where the food is good and they have no problems with ccw. Just a preference thing.

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