Journalist Roll call.

Journalist Roll call.

This is a discussion on Journalist Roll call. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, I know that sounds pretty absurd for this website knowing the history of Media outlets being historically Liberal. But lets put the stereotype aside ...

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Thread: Journalist Roll call.

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    Journalist Roll call.

    Okay, I know that sounds pretty absurd for this website knowing the history of Media outlets being historically Liberal. But lets put the stereotype aside for a minute, We see plenty thrown at us too.

    The recent thread about the shooting in Maryland got me to thinking. What exactly are the reasons news papers always put their slant on stories to keep them from sounding like they support a person who used a gun to protect themselves and or others.

    It canít be liability, fearing that if they promote guns, they might get sued by someone who got hurt, Because they sure donít mind mentioning that Jane Doe, a school crossing guard while working witnessed a drive by shooting at the corners of this and that. I use that as an example because I have actually read it.

    Iím sure there are a host of reasons, No one shoe fits all, But Iím just curious about the reasoning behind a media outlet that reports what should be but rarely seems to be UNBIASED views of the news.

    So this call is going out to any members of the media, TV, Radio, or News Paper that can shed some first hand light on this subject.

    Please donít feel like you will be bashed for speaking up, This forum is the best one around, and itís members are very respectful, although you might get a good natured poke in the ribs.
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    I'm not a journalist, but I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri (which I'm told is a good J-school). What I can say is that the professors in the Journalism courses were extremely liberal and anti-gun. I went to college as an "older guy" - not right out of high school, so I was used to just doing what I needed and ignoring opinions. But, I'd guess that some younger people just out of high school could be influenced by the anti-gun thinking when it's coming from people of authority.
    I don't know why the faculty was that way and I've heard that it's across most colleges - but I did learn that "news" isn't. I truly believe that most information outlets are opinion hiding behind the idea that journalists are objective.
    I know, there are exceptions.... not bashing anyone... but to this day (15 years later) I do not watch TV news or read newspapers. My wife does that and will pick out bits of information she thinks I'd find interesting. I then research those myself.

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    I think a lot has to do with where you live. If you live in areas that have large gun owning populations, the news tends to be more "fair and balanced" to borrow a phrase. If you live in a more liberal, anti gun environment like many urgan areas, the opposite is true. The question I always have is whether it's a case of the cart pushing the horse or the other way around... do the papers & news media in general reflect the climate and opinions of the people in their reading/viewing area or do they attempt to shape the opinion of their readership?
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    Not a journalist here either, however I'll submit a relevant website on this issue:
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    I'm not a journalist but I did sleep at a holiday inn last night. Anyway, my too cents is this. Colleges are increasingly getting professors that are more and more liberal. Therefore their teachings will translate as such either intentionally or unintentionally. I'm sure there's other factors but I wasn't an english major, I didn't take no english class, and I don't want to sound like a fool.
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