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This is a discussion on Have a question! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If I move to Tennessee how long do I have before I turn in my SC permit? And when does my Tennessee resident's become official? ...

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    Have a question!

    If I move to Tennessee how long do I have before I turn in my SC permit? And when does my Tennessee resident's become official? I have lived in SC 57 years and I do not know about this info.
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    Not really sure about your questions but you may find some info here.

    Handgun Carry Permits

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    When I moved to TN, the rule was to apply within 6 months of taking residency in order to have your permit transferred. Double check on the states that are allowed transfer.

    The TN State Police can provide that information.

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    To the best of my knowledge one does not have to surender the CHL from a previous state of residence in the way one must surender ones drivers license. Many people have CHLs from many states so as to "stack" reciprocity and recognition of said CHLs to carry in as many states as posible. For instance, Florida and Virginia both issues permits to out of state people and this "non-resident" permit is recognised by most of the states that recognise the "resident" permit. Check out Handgunlaw.us for lists of state reciprosity and recognition.

    Your SC permit, as a "resident" permit is good in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

    If you adopt TN residency your "non-resident" SC permit would be no good in Florida and Michigan.

    South Carolina is unusual in that it does issue "non-resident" permits, however, one must own property in SC. I do not know if one completely vacates all property in SC if this would automaticay void ones CHL.

    In any case, wether or not your SC CHL was any good after a move out of SC there is no one to turn your permit in to. I'm sure if you surendered it to some deputy he would be more than happy to take it from you; However you are under no legal obligation to do so under any TN law. A citizen of TN could apply for and maintain a CHL from every state that issues CHLs to non-residents.

    I hope I properly understood you question and have answered it completly as to the particulars concerning you SC CHL.

    As far as residency requirements in TN this is a non-issue because TN will issue a CHL to any US Citizen or lawfull permenant resident alien, without regard to state of residence, that otherwise meets all qulifications to hold a CHL(meets training requirements, no felonies etc.).

    If you are asking if having a permit recognised by TN will satisfy all training requirements, I do not know.-Jay
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    There is no grace period in SC.

    Chapter 31;
    Article 4;
    Section 2331215;
    Para: (S)
    Once a concealed weapon permit holder is no longer a resident of this State or is no longer a qualified non-resident, his concealed weapon permit is void, and immediately must be surrendered to SLED.


    Most states also don't allow a transfer of CWP's. While I don't know Tennessee law, I think you will probably have to go through the whole process of training class and application.

    If you continue to own real estate in SC you can keep the CWP. You'll just have to re-register it with SLED as a non-resident.
    I don't think that will fly in most states as covering their laws. You will probably have to apply for their permit as well. Check with the local police unit in the area you are moving to.
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