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What Would You Do? Carry or Not.

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Thread: What Would You Do? Carry or Not.

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    On an internet forum I will always abide by the law.

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    Yep, alway follow the law. I have researched ever law on the book and follow them all. Wouldn't carry if not allowed because my life is not worth disrepect to anothers property rights or disobeying others rules because they hate/dislike/(put in reason here) firearms.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs
    at the garden city ks gunshow
    Now there's a real garden spot for yaa - been there several times - just never the show.

    The shows I've been to in Texas all have legal 30.06 signs - thus I don't carry.
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    up here in alaska, i havent seen the same procedures used twice. the shows most often held are out in the Mat-su valley, an hour drive from Anchorage, and are run by groups who really couldnt care less. The standard policy is that no loaded guns are allowed, they have people on hand to put a tie through your weapons action to show its unloaded. few bother to do this. only those carrying a gun they wish to sell wind up getting the ties.

    most people ignore the policy simply because its inconvenient, not to make a statement about their rights, or because they feel their safety is endangered by unloading their gun. its just a pain in the neck.

    the shows held here in Anchorage are usually at an arena owned by the city, or the nextdoor hockey rinks, not owned by the city. until recently, the arena piggybacked on state owned buildings prohibitions of weapons. But that discrepancy has been fixed by the state, and now cities cannot restrict guns from the buildings the city owns simply because the state does the buildings the state owns.
    the signs are still up, but they are useless. the arena CAN post signs indicating their no weapons policy, but since the current signs reference the state law code number, its pretty much a useless sign.
    the arena has used their staff to wand patrons as they enter to ensure no weapons are brought in that dont have a tie (which is evidence the guns are unloaded). the arena staff does not do any of the unloading or tieing of weapons, that is left to the shows promoters.
    i think the arena got some complaints about the wanding, because i havent seen them there in a while. should they use them though, thats probably a duty i might get scheduled for, as i work nights/weekends for the arena at hockey games, boxing, and ultimate fighting.

    wanding people for weapons is a lot of fun. as much as i abhor the policy, its a blast to mess with people.

    ME "excuse me ma'am, we've recieved word that you may be carrying a gun on you. please stretch out your arms and spread your legs so i can wand you to verify this claim."
    (we find no guns)
    ME "thats odd. oh wait, maybe they said you were carrying GUM. do you have any gum? may i have a piece?"

    we wanders work in pairs. whomever collects the most gum for the event wins.
    yes, we actually do stuff like that.

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    I would just leave and not attend the gunshow.I bring my carry gun every whare that I go.(Not in the court house,they make me take it off and check it in).So no gunshow is worth going to if I can't carry me gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acparmed
    You are on your way to the local gun show. You are carrying your CCW of choice as usual.
    You arrive at the gun show and signs are posted that CCW is not permitted.
    You know there are no metal detectors or anyway of anyone discovering that you are carrying.

    Do you? Or don't you? And why?
    Easy---------------------uncover and open carry, sign said CCW not permitted
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    It is SOP here that you do NOT carry a loaded firearm at a gun show. I have no problem with that. I unload and clear the gun in my vehicle, re-holster and when I get to the admission point, there is always a person, often a police officer, that checks all guns and affixes a plastic tie wrap such that the gun is inoperative. I lock the slide open, he tie wraps, I thank him and reholster and procede on my merry way. When I leave the show it is no problem to remove the tie wrap, reload and depart. No need to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
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