Houston Tx residents any ideas?

Houston Tx residents any ideas?

This is a discussion on Houston Tx residents any ideas? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My cousin lives in Houston and wants to take me to some Country bar called the WildWest. Can I ccw there? I am an ffdo, ...

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Thread: Houston Tx residents any ideas?

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    Houston Tx residents any ideas?

    My cousin lives in Houston and wants to take me to some Country bar called the WildWest. Can I ccw there? I am an ffdo, and have a ccw in Tx. Does being a Federal Law enforcement officer allow me to carry if there is a 30.06? Ideas por favor.. Thanks

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    I did not find it listed on Texas3006.com.

    You will have to ask your cousin to verify if there is a 30.06 (proper one) or 51% sign, if either are there then you can't.

    If it is a true bar I'd venture to say they are posted with a 51% sign though. You can keep it in the car, but not on you in that situation.

    Edit: I just realized I missed you stating you were a Fed. I am not sure about that, so my previous answer may be totally wrong or it could be right. I'll now defer to someone who is a Fed. officer to answer and I'll sit back and watch and learn.
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    If it is a bar/restuarant and has a 51% sign, don't do it. But then again, you said you are a federal LEO, so I wouldn't worry about it. Flash your badge and they probably won't bother you....
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    It is a "true bar"/dance hall. I'm pretty sure it has the 51% sign on the door, but I'm not 100% sure. I don't carry there, and I sometimes don't remember seeing the doors.

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    Do you fall under LEOSA? If you do then that is your answer.

    If not, then you have to abide by the same signage that the rest of us do. Any 30.06, or 51% signage means no-go with the handgun.
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