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Road Trip

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    Question Road Trip

    All right guys (and gals), road trip coming up and I need your back up. Iowa to Alabama via MO, IL,KY,TN, then AL. Can't carry and must be locked up out of reach in IL. Iowa permit recognized in MO,KY,TN, not AL. DO I have to disclose to LEO in MO, KY and TN if stopped? Are any of these states open carry? I know that IA, IL are not. Pretty sure MO is. BTW, I'm taking the long route to minimize my exposure to IL. Currently only have IA CCW, others not here yet. Wish I had my UT, FL, AZ, and PA CCW permits already. Any little gotcha's I need to watch for? Will be driving a fast little ragtop sports car. I try to stay legal with it but poo poo happens. Headed to a wedding (same thing as a funeral, flowers, priest, crying, suits, and dinner afterwards) were all the groomsmen, best man, and dead man, I mean groom are all packing. You should have seen the girls face when she was measuring me for my tux and she felt my weapon (not my gun for you old Marines out there). I look forward to your heads up so I can stay legal. I've researched this but I'm sure I missed something.
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    I don't know off hand, but you can check out and Carry Concealed

    both sites have lots of good info.

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    If you are over 18, you can open carry in Ky without a permit.. Do not have to inform officer. Can carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.
    Illinois, the gun does not have to be locked up and out of reach, tho many would reccomend the out of reach part, it can be enclosed in just a regular gun case and the ammo can be in the same box. Mags can be loaded.
    Have a good trip. Ky is one of the best gun states in the country.
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    In Kentucky you can open carry. This includes in the factory installed glove box. ( NOT the center console ) You are not required to notify.

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    Be careful, be polite, be conceiled. If specifically asked by an LEO, tell the truth. If unreasonably pressured by the LEO, speed-dial your attorney. The Bluegrass (Kentucky) will NOT be a source of undo concern. Enjoy your trip!
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    You are not required to disclose if stopped in Tennessee, but I personally recommend it. Tennessee is open carry (according to AG opinion: with a valid permit (Tennessee recognizes all resident permits). Right now, look carefully for any signs that post private property, and do not carry past them. Regardless if posted or not, if proprietor asks you to leave, you must leave. You may not consume alcohol when carrying. State parks are legal right now--I wouldn't carry in local parks right now.
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