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Do you have multiple CCWs and why?

This is a discussion on Do you have multiple CCWs and why? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I apply for one whenever the Army moves me. I've been lucky so far in that I've always been stationed in "shall issue" states. I've ...

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    I apply for one whenever the Army moves me. I've been lucky so far in that I've always been stationed in "shall issue" states. I've got OK and IN currently, and I'm hoping KS is on board before I go out there.
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    Currently I'm a MA resident with a MA LTC-A and I also hold a resident VA CHP, both good for the next 5 yrs.
    A CT, PA and WV non-resident are next on my list.

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    I have my Resident MA LTC-A, plus NH NR and FL NR.

    Reason is for travel (mostly for vacation) but I haven't wanted to take a handgun on a plane-ride yet, so left it home when we went to FL on vacation. I frequently travel to NH and CCW there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DParker
    I may also get a Nevada permit since we visit there several times a year and they don't seem to honor either CA or UT.
    You are correct. Nevada honors no other states' permits.

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    10 month waiter

    Quote Originally Posted by Sailor87
    I have been waiting for my Michigan CCW for 4 months and still no word! I have called their status information number and left messages 4 times this month, but no replies. Supposedly, per Michigan law, the Gun Board is required to notify you within 45 to 90 days (after finger printing)of an approval or denial -- so much for that part of the CCW legislation in MI!
    I waited 10 months in Wayne County to get mine. I contacted the county clerks office, got nowhere didn't know what to do, so I went onto the Wayne County Sherriff's website and contacted their public relations office. I got a phone call within 48 hours from the Sherriff's office telling me that my fingerprints were lost!!! Had to go back down get re-fingerprinted and within 30 days I was notified to go and recieve my permit. There were only 4 people assigned to CCW's in all of Wayne county. Lawsuits had to be filed so we could have more timely passage good luck.

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    thats strange Michigan license came within 6-8 weeks

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    Utah is only good for Washington above Florida.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees98a
    Curious how many people have multiple CCW. Is it simply to get better coverage or to protect yourself in case of state laws? I am debting whether it's worth getting Utah in addition to Florida and wanted to see what everyone else has/does
    If you plant to visit Washington go for it, otherwise don't bother. I have Florida, Utah, PA, NH, CT, MN. Why, I am a Utah certified instructor, I have busniess in PA and CT from time to time so thought it best to get theirs rather than count on a nonresident from another state. I forget why I got NH but I remember it was cheap so why not? I live in Minnesota and teach classes for their permit.
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    I have an Idaho license, but my parents are in Oregon. Idaho license not good in Oregon, so want to get Oregon permit which is good in Idaho but not in Wyoming, which my Idaho license is. So it all depends on where you go.

    Update: Oregon only gets me two extra states compared to Idahos. Or & Az may reconsider getting Or. license since I only go there one a year
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    Quote Originally Posted by vzwnnj
    thats strange Michigan license came within 6-8 weeks
    He said anti gun, anti SD, anti save your life Wayne Co. Those are the bozo's that used Gov money to try and stop our CCW law, (along with our then AG now Gov, Grandstand) from takeing effect.
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    I have a MI and FL. I got the FL permit when I lived in WI. With the FL permit I add NM and my MI permit gives me SC where the FL doesn't. I don't know if I will renew my FL permit, I don't travel as much as I though I would.
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    I have two, PA and VA. PA is where my home town is and Northern VA is where I now live. Maryland is a problem for me because I frequently go home to visit family in PA. I just put my handgun in my luggage, unloaded, ammo in a seperate bag. When I cross into PA I'll stop someware and loadup. I usually never have a reason to stop in Maryland other than a bathroom break.
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    My resident FL permit covers me nearly 100% throughout the south and that's all I care about. When I was in college at the University of Alabama, I had a permit that was perhaps the easiest to get I've ever seen: Went over to the sheriff's dept in my little ROTC uniform, the sheriff came into the parking lot and looked me over and said, "You look okay to me!" and so I paid my $5 or $10 and got it on the spot. It was nearly as easy in the early 1980's in Washington State where I was stationed. Back then we could (and did) carry on post, in bars, wherever we wanted!
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    Currently just my resident TN permit. It's good in all the adjoining states so that covers 90% of any travelling I do. At some point I might look into the FL non-res. permit but TN & FLA already have reciprocity so I'm in no hurry.

    Right now I'm focused on getting my C&R license and there's only so many expiration dates I can keep track of: DL, Permit, C&R ... I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday (or if I even ate!).

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    I can't get to right now, "Server Busy." And the NRA web site omits some info.

    Florida does have reciprocity with a number of states, but looking at the state's web site, it seems that FL does not recognize any other state's non-resident permits.

    I've posted a question about that in another thread, but before filing for a non-resident permit from another state, you might want to check with the state you need to carry in and see if they recognize other state's non-resident permits, or just other state's resident permits.

    Hate to see anyone shell out the bucks and find out they only added one state to their "list," instead of the numbers they were looking for.

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    Arizona and Florida. I got the first one as a lark (I was living in Illinois and got an AZ permit while on vacation). The second one I got when I moved to FL permanently.

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