Somebody talk me down!

This is a discussion on Somebody talk me down! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's officially been 30 days. I know they said "90 day wait for CCWP" but come ON! I had to wait 90 days after taking ...

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Thread: Somebody talk me down!

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    Somebody talk me down!

    It's officially been 30 days.

    I know they said "90 day wait for CCWP" but come ON! I had to wait 90 days after taking the class just to get the APPOINTMENT TO APPLY for the darn thing! And they said it was usually only a 30-day wait, they're just saying 90 to cover their butts.

    Do I call CMSO Permit office and ask about the status of my permit, or just bite my tongue for 60 more days?

    I am NOT a patient bunny. This sucks so bad right now.
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    Just schedule more range days to get over the frustration till the permit comes. I assume that your area is going through the same thing that folks across the country that process permits are going through. Lots of people who all the sudden want their permits, and want them now.
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    I'd call and see what they said, then go to the range to work of any frustration on some zombie targets!

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    Just wait...I wouldn't bug them. You're not going to speed up the process with phone calls...OMO

    Hang tight, get to the range, enjoy your'll be here before you know it.
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    Sometimes I just don't understand what takes them so long.

    After all, no one waits for 90 days for a drivers license, right? It can't be that difficult.

    And somehow, it doesn't seem to be the time it takes for a background investigation, since some states are very prompt about sending out the permits.

    I've kept a valid CCW permit since 1995, and I can't remember ever waiting for more than a week or so for it to arrive. Heck, last time I renewed they sent me the renewal paperwork about 2 months before the old one expired, and I had the new permit a week or so later.

    But then, complaining about it doesn't seem to help. They'll take as long as they need, and nothing seems to speed them up.



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    Bunny, I live in Johnston County and received mine in 6 weeks and 4 days total. That's pretty great if you only count business days! Wake County usually gets their MUCH faster. Their Sheriff is all for CC and has made it possible for a quick turn around. Seeing as their is a HUGE fluctuation between counties, I would conclude that it just depends on the Sheriff, how they personally feel about the subject, and the staff that they can use for processing. I actually marked off the days on the calendar while I was waiting. I wasn't even here when they called, my son answered the phone and had I not seen the number on the caller ID, I'd have still been waiting on a call because my son forgot to tell me!

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    Bunny, I'm feeling the pain over here in Guilford, too. Called last week to check status (it has been about 65 of the 90 days) and the lady indicated they are still waiting for paperwork to come back. I'm wondering if the delay is on the Federal level? Huge spike in apps around here over the last 12 months, so I'm guessing there is quite a backlog.

    I've got my Florida permit to keep me warm until NC gets it together.
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    61 days for me in Guilford Cty last winter.

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    I'm kinda envious, I live in Texas. I'd be thrilled to get mine in 90 days with the way our current system is running here. I know that doesn't make your wait any easier, but it might give you a little more gratitude for the state you live in. :)
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    Relax...It'll come. Wanna hear something irrational? I took a day off work to go to the county offices to apply for mine, then I actually looked in my mailbox for it when I got home... I'm awesome at irrationally wishful thinking.
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    Hope it's not like in my little part of the world. Everything goes through (all local and state police and FBI checks) without a hitch in about 3-4 months and your application then sits on the judge's desk awaiting signature. It sits there until your six months of waiting then it gets the rubber stamp.. Really stupid !


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    Hey, I'm with ya all the way. I'm on day 42. Still need to get a decent CC holster though, and I want to be a really good shot before I actually start CCing. Nobody's accidentally getting shot because of me!

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    As said before It doesnt make it come faster, But im also very jealous. I put mine in the day after I turned 21. Two weeks ago. A good friend of mine but his in 2 and 1/2 months ago. Sheriffs came out to interview him last night. She said she does alot of the interviews and normally its about 6 months after she hands in her paperwork. So all together im looking at another 8-10 months, with NO record. Good luck and hang in there! Range time eases all pain. Josh

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    I really like leather holsters. The incredible anticipation to get the good stuff drove me crazy, so I ordered some Kydex and nylon rigs to keep me going. Take two M&M's and listen to that Carley Simon song.
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    Go iron a shirt and make your husband a grilled cheese. That should put you back on terra firma. (flamesuit on)

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