Need Help with ND AG

Need Help with ND AG

This is a discussion on Need Help with ND AG within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been in an argument with the ND AG for the last couple months now. I ask them this question after hearing from a ...

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Thread: Need Help with ND AG

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    Need Help with ND AG

    I have been in an argument with the ND AG for the last couple months now. I ask them this question after hearing from a few people concerning their honoring a FL and NH Non Resident Permit/License.

    I ask them if they would honor a FL or NH Non Resident permit/license and they say Reciprocity is a two way street and it depends on the other state and how they honor ours. They have just updated their web site and have this on it for FL and NH:
    Reciprocity with Other States.

    Key #
    4 Conditional reciprocity. This state has imposed certain conditions or restrictions which prohibit reciprocity for some ND permit holders. To ensure full compliance, check with this state.

    The Key # 4 is only out from the listing for NH and FL.

    I finally got someone in the ND AG's office to tell me they would not honor a NH or FL non resident permit and I ask them to post that on their web site. They said their web site already says that. They refuse to post that info in plain language and expect everyone to be read the laws of of FL and NH and see if their permit is valid or not. I have told them and given them links to FL, CO, NH etc saying these states have no problem posting that info in common sense language. Why not ND?

    I am not out to change ND Law or how they read it. just wants to publish the facts so we can stay within the law. If they wish to play hardball then I would very much appreciate if you would email the AG or call him, 701 328-2210 and ask him if he will honor a Non Resident FL or NH Permit/License to Carry. Please be nice but the more who call the better chance they will post how they read the law in common sense language. Again Do be nice but do call or email them. Thank you and
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    Poor form NoDak..... I have never had that kind of difficulty dealing with them
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