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I was at a best buy a while back. I had bought about $3000 worth of stuff for work, and was walking out the door when the loss prevention guy stops me.

"Excuse me sir, whats on those clips on your belt?"

#@$%. He noticed the clips on my C.T.A.C.

He grabs for it, coming about half a centimeter from my waist. I grab his hand and twist it, and tell him "DON'T TOUCH ME."

To make a long story short, he wanted to detain me and call the police, and have me arrested for assult. I called for the manager. We went to the back room to discuss it, and he watched the security tape. Obviously LPO guy touched me first and Manager chewed the guy out, and then i went and returned everything I just bought, out of spite.
He was good enough to notice clips, but not smart enough to know that the clips are not a TV you are smuggling out in yer pants. Intresting. Seems , He could of asked you to return to the store, not grab ya.