Proud Husband & Personal Pistol Coach

This is a discussion on Proud Husband & Personal Pistol Coach within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mrs. Ghost Tracker went for her CCL on Saturday. I tagged along for moral/technical support (and because her instructor is a longtime ol' shooting buddy ...

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Thread: Proud Husband & Personal Pistol Coach

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    Proud Husband & Personal Pistol Coach

    Mrs. Ghost Tracker went for her CCL on Saturday. I tagged along for moral/technical support (and because her instructor is a longtime ol' shooting buddy of mine). She was as nervous as a longtailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs. She even insisted that she put in a last little-bit of trigger time practicing late Friday afternoon, burning a quick box of WWB 9mm here at the house by dark. We were on-site 30 minutes early Saturday morning (not a habit of hers) and I quietly sat while she soaked-in the classroom session and aced the Written test by lunch. Then the fun part - off to the range! It wasn't a large class (9) and the instructor was running two qualifiers at a time. She held in the shadows until the first 8 were finished, allowing her to lastly shoot solo. All the other attendees had shot .22LR autoloaders & revolvers out of consideration of, I suppose, cost or recoil. At 7 yards they had managed to keep most shots in the black of a full B-24 target. Mrs. Ghost Tracker then stepped to the line with her GLOCK G19, followed the Range instruction like a IPDA Master, manipulated her pistol like Gaston's little sister, and proceeded to punch 21 X's dead-center mass with a group no bigger than a Slow-Pitch Softball!! I was/am soooo happy for her. She just beamed, had the instructor sign the target & brought it home for posterity. Please excuse my crowing...but she sure did her coach & life/SD/HD partner proud. Teach 'em to shoot...and they'll outshoot ya'! That's MY girl!
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    Well done! Now ya gots some backup!

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    What more could a man ask for? A wife that's a great cook. Great job on her shooting and getting her permit.

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    I'm happy for you......... My wife also has her permit...

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    Congrats. My wife has her CWP, but is not carrying yet. I need to get her more training, mentally prepared, and convinced that she can and would be able to use it in a time of need.

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    Nice Mrs. Ghost Tracker! Congrats!
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    Very nice! Much applause to her for her accomplishment. My wife can outshoot me as well...though I still need to get her to go get her CCW.
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    Good job GT your right about they will out shoot ya ; )
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    VERRRRRY well done Mrs. Ghost Tracker good to have another one to protect our northern boarder. And Mr. take her to dinner dangit.

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    Raising the bar. Congratulations.
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    Reward her with a new 1911.
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    Congratulations to Mrs. Ghost Tracker.

    I'd say a big celebration is in store.
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    Nice to have another holder. Remember, the gentleman should provide covering fire while the lady is reloading.
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