Think we are headed toward Ruger LCP with laser in a Crossbreed. Looks like the "best" next step. Thanks for replies, and always, could use any additional thoughts.

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The P3AT/LCP should work fine, but have her test one out first..
She has shot a KT .32 ACP. No problems.

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...Micro Desert Eagle in a Crossbreed MiniTuck...
Under consideration.

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Has she held a S&W 642?
Mine fell in love with it.
She does not mind firing. I own and love it. For her, she can't really carry IWB any easier than her P99C. I know for most, this is not the case, but something about her height (shorter), waist (not hippy, but not lacking curves) , and just how clothing fits her, creates a problem.

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...LCP (after the recall) is perfect for this style of carry either in the pocket, on IWB. They are double action only. The trigger pull to fire is exactly like firing a revolver.
Think this is the direction she is headed. With a cross breed IWB.

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I respectfully disagree...Kahr PM-9, but it just barely exceeds the "no hassle" threshold. Meaning - I could carry one, but I'd have to dress for it. The LCP I can carry with anything without thinking about it...
How I see it.

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If she's looked at a Kahr PM-9 or a Kel-Tec PF9 and those won't work, I'm not sure anything will. She may either have to choose between her style of dress and defending herself or pick some other form of carry (on body) than IWB...
Back of my mind, worried hoss is right, and after spending the funds, going to be back to the same issue, need to change clothing.