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Glock 22 vs Glock 23 for Concealed Carry. Urgent help!!!

This is a discussion on Glock 22 vs Glock 23 for Concealed Carry. Urgent help!!! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by sosick Hello All, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I am contemplating getting either a Glock 22 ...

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Thread: Glock 22 vs Glock 23 for Concealed Carry. Urgent help!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sosick View Post
    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I am contemplating getting either a Glock 22 or Glock 23 for concealed carry but I am facing a dilemma. I recently went to the range to try both pistols out and realized that I shot the G22 much better than the G23 and preferred the recoil of the G22 a lot better as well. However, I know that the G23 is a bit smaller; roughly 1/2 inch in length and grip which would make it a little easier to conceal carry. So what do I do seeing that I am more comfortable shooting the G22? By the way I'm 6ft tall and weight 170 lbs. I want to know if it would be possible for me to conceal the G22 in an IWB holster (possibly MTAC or Supertuck) without much problem? Is the minimal size difference between the G22 and G23 that big of a deal or does it make a big difference when concealing? Also, the G27 is out of the picture because I dont like the grip nor the capacity. Please I need some good advice because I posted this question on another forum and I basically got feedback based on people's personal preference and my questions wernt really answered. I just want to know that given my height and weight; will I be able to conceal a G22 or not because I know there are many people out there that conceal G22's and bigger. Thanks in advance.
    sosick, welcome to the forum...

    In what way did you shoot the G22 better than the G23? What is your shooting distance? A carry gun is a defensive gun primarily used within 3 - 7 yards. I carry an XD .45 Compact primarily in cooler months and a G 27 when warmer. Both are quite accurate at this distance even shooting quick double taps, (8, 9, and X ring on a standard silhouette target). If recoil is an issue perhaps try a G 17 or G 19.

    With the Pearce grip extension, the G 27 is very comfortable to shoot, yet is still very concealable. I carry 10 rds of .40 in my G 27 with another 10 rds in a Glock + 1 magazine. The XD holds 10 rounds of .45 with another 10 or 13 at my side depending which spare mag I carry. I carry a gun for self defense and am not in law enforcement, 21 rounds of ammo should be more than enough.

    I'm sorry you did not get what you were looking for on another forum, but you are asking for advise and our personal opinions and preferences are all that we have to offer. If they do not match your requirements, then you have to resort to what many of us have already experienced, trial and error. Good luck!
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    sosick, welcome!

    I could not be happier with my G23. Accurate, for me, though I did have to go through adjustment on trigger-finger placement. I have yet to conceal (waiting on SmartCarry and El Paso Saddlery IWB), but I'm confident that it will work fine.
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    I have both along with a couple of others and I am one of those who actually shoot the compacts (G19,G23) better than the full size. You mentioned that recoil may be an issue. Have you considered starting off with the G19 and getting used to the platform before maybe moving up in caliber?

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    I currently carry a Glock 22, both concealed with a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB and open carry with a Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 holster. I wish my weapon was smaller-framed, however I like having a full-sized weapon on me.

    It's not in my [s]wife's[/s] budget right now, but I have considered going to one of the compact .40 models. I don't have too much trouble concealing this one, however.
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    Some good advice here as usual. The only thing I can add is that I routinely carry a full size Springfield XD .45ACP in a supertuck and generally can conceal pretty easily. As has been previously stated, your method of carry and rig are paramount to your ability to effectively conceal any sizable handgun. I have luck with the K&D Dakota Defender and my TheBeltMan belt with the XD45 but have had a great deal of luck carrying my XD-M .40, which is a little bit longer than the XD45, in a supertuck as well. A good gunbelt goes a long way as does a quality holster. I suggest you get the gun you like better and work from there.

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    Thanks everyone for the input; trust me I really appreciate it. To answer some questions about what my dress code is, I normally wear a jeans and a t-shirt for casual wear and i dont plan on taking the gun into the work place so that would be out of the question. I only have the money right now to get one pistol and the reason I wanted to go with either the G22 or G23 was because I was thinking about getting a Lone Wolfe conversion barrel so I could also shoot 9mm and have a two in one pistol. Also, I want the .40 s&w round because IMO I think it has better stopping power than the 9mm round although the 9mm JHP +p rounds are very close in ballistics; plus I can't find 9mm ammo anywhere, while .40 ammo is abundant where I live. In order to be good with a pistol you need lots of practice and if I can't get any 9mm ammo then I won't be able to practice as I should be and I refuse to pay double the price at these shooting ranges.

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    I believe dry fire is the best practice.

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    I have a Glock 22 and a Glock 19, which is the same size as a Glock 23.

    The Glock 23 will definitely be at least somewhat easier to carry than the Glock 22, especially IWB. There's enough length difference to be significant.

    That having been said, I carry my Glock 19 and Glock 23 IWB, interchangeably.

    A few years ago, I had to choose between a Glock 19 and a Glock 23. I experienced enough issues with muzzle flip with the Glock 22, that I didn't imagine that the Glock 23 would have less. I chose the Glock 19 because the 9x19mm is more than adequate for CCW, and certainly better than any .380acp, much less a .32acp. You might want to consider the Glock 19.

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    I'm still a G27 fan but, like RamRod said earlier; you can always trade.

    My first semi-auto was the G22 that I bought used at a gunshow. I got nearly the same amount I paid for it when I traded it to a dealer for a new G27.

    So, if you are really unsure, you could keep a sharp eye on the used market.
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    If you are a First responder, active or retired military you can buy a NEW glock for LEO prices from a LEO Glock Dealer with your ID.

    I saved over $100 on a New G35 by going this route, and they come with 3- Hi cap mags ( if you are allowed to have them)

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    I traded in my G22 (2d Generation) on a G23 (3rd Generation) when I started CCW on a TN HCP. The G23 does conceal better, at least for me. My self defense drills are all at 15 Yards and under, which fits the environment I travel in. I am unlikely to engage in open gunfights at 25 yards and I am more concerned with close in encounters. The G23 is still more accurate in this arena than the J Frames I normally carry. In the winter, when I can wear more overgarments, I carry the G23. I have small hands and the G23 actually is easier for me to shoot than the G22. I went with the Glock because it has primarily the same drill as the revolvers: point, press, bang! The G23 also has had some changes made at the factory within the 3rd Generation framework. I have more faith in it's ability to avoid KBs and I like the finger grooves.

    I use high quality ammo, no reloads. I inspect my ammo (weigh and measure) before using it or putting it in magazines. Any rounds ejected from chamber to clear weapon are put in a plastic bag and later reinspected before I use them (avoiding "set-back" problems.)

    All in all, I am very satisfied and confident with my G23. Outside of my Ruger MKII, it is the only other Semi-Auto out of 11 handguns I own .
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    Your carry gun should be something that you will actually carry. What good will it do to buy the "bigger" gun if in 3 months you are sick of carrying it because it's too "big"? It shouldn't be something you let someone talk you into, or that you read you should carry on a forum. Although it is great to get feedback and opinions, eveyones needs and circumstances are different.

    Things people should consider is how big are you? Skinny, fat, inbetween? What kind of clothes do you wear? Baggy, blousy, tight, lots of layers? Where do you live? Hot, cold, hot and cold? How do you want to carry it? Pocket, purse, jacket, waistband, fannypack, ankle holster? What is realistic for you to carry? These are all things only you know. As you said you are 6ft and 170 lbs. That's pretty lean. The bigger the gun, the easier it will be to spot in the waistband, depending on clothing.

    The debate will never end on power, size, weight, ammo... Your carry should be something that you have practiced with, feel comfortable with, trust your life with. It should also be easy for you to conceal in your environment and its weather. It is harder to hide a subcompact .45 in S. Florida wearing shorts and a t-shirt when it's 85+ degree's 9 months out of the year then it might be up north where someone wears jackets and sweaters most of time.

    In the end, take your time and research all your options (as well as get opinions and feedback) before you make your final choice.

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    Let me add one comment to the already good advice you have received. If you went to a range and rented a 22 and a 23, I would guess that you spent maybe a maximum of 30 minutes with each gun. Understand that if you spend several hours with the 23, you will become a better shot with it. If it is hard to conceal, the 22 won't get any smaller. Practice with any forearm will make you a better shot with it. For defensive shooting, you will be firing from a maximum of 25 feet. I would bet that at 25 feet, there is not that much difference in your ability with either gun. Comfort in carrying will insure that you WILL carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beans View Post
    If you are a First responder, active or retired military you can buy a NEW glock for LEO prices from a LEO Glock Dealer with your ID.

    I saved over $100 on a New G35 by going this route, and they come with 3- Hi cap mags ( if you are allowed to have them)
    Got any links to those sites?

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    Don't get stuck on the Glock products. Though they're great products, you might find something else on the market that suits you or feels that much better. The G23 has been noted as having frame flexation problems if/when a tactical light is used with it...not sure why, but the problem is there and PD's keep noting it...seems to be isolated to the 23 for some reason.

    Try one or more of these in .40cal:

    XD40 compact
    XD40 Subcompact
    M&P40 compact
    Sig Sauer P250 (think that was mentioned earlier)
    Kahr PM40 (really flippin compact!)
    Glock 22 or 27

    In 9mm:

    XD9 Subcompact
    XD9 Compact
    M&P9 compact
    CZ-75 compact
    Glock 19 or 26
    Kahr PM9

    In .45ACP:

    XD45 Compact
    M&P45 Compact (hides in a Crossbreed so well you'll think it's a 9!)
    Any quality 1911, just remember the GI and Milspecs are bottom of the food chain in the 1911 world.
    Glock 30sf (slim frame), excellent with grip enhancing mag floors.
    Kahr PM45
    Jericho compact (aka Baby Eagle aka CZ-85 compact aka Tanfoglio)

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