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Glock 22 vs Glock 23 for Concealed Carry. Urgent help!!!

This is a discussion on Glock 22 vs Glock 23 for Concealed Carry. Urgent help!!! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree with diverdown247... try a lot of guns before you decide....

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Thread: Glock 22 vs Glock 23 for Concealed Carry. Urgent help!!!

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    I agree with diverdown247... try a lot of guns before you decide.

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    I started out with a G23 which I consider a good compromise between size and concealability. However, I picked up a G27 primarily for summer carry and with the Pierce extension on the mags, it has become my primary carry year round. A contributing factor was that I got my wife interested in shooting and she basically commandeered my G23. That's OK though since that allowed me to pick up a G22 which I now use for open carry. In my opinion, the G22 is a little large to conceal comfortably (and if it is not comfortable, eventually, you will end up leaving it at home). I would rather have a G27 always with me than anything else less than 100% of the time. For an extra mag, I carry a G22 mag (15 rounds) with a sleeve that makes a nice grip extension on the G27.
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    I like the 23 better than the 22 but I like the 17 better than the 19. Go figure!
    Go to a ranhge and rent both and try them.
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    Sosick, I'll give you the break-down that was provided to me when I went hunting handguns for the first time. Some are interchangable, some are not.

    1. Set a budget and stick to it. Leave room for flexibility within $50-$100.
    2. Window shop for a while...finger a lot of firearms to find what fits first. You'll find a lot that you will not like immediately.
    3. Find someone that has one of what you want and see if they will let you shoot it. Some folks at ranges are nice, but offer up your own ammo to shoot or one of your own toys for them to play with. When all else fails, rent one at a range.
    4. Locate several shops that have what you want and start the pricing war. Get quotes in writing, back of the shops business card with the rep's initials usually does the trick. Get them to guarantee that price for 24 hours.
    5. See if any used firearms on your list are for sale locally...might get a better deal that way.
    6. Decide on what you want.
    7. Work the deal.
    8. Be patient if you have to deal with NICS. They try to get people cleared quickly, but things happen. Worst case is you get delayed for 3 business days, so expect that and hope for the best.
    9. Start researching gear. This is vital to how often you'll carry and possibly how often you'll shoot. Nothing beats quality eye and hearing protection at the range.
    10. Enjoy!

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    I'd say go with the G23. If recoil is an issue, consider the G19, same size as the 23 but 9 mm.

    I'd be interested why you need "Urgent help" -- is there an intruder kicking in a door...
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    The G23/G19 is a nice balance between frame size and capacity for carry. I owned one and carried it well but never felt great about .40 SW as far as follow up shots. Now I carry a G19, perfect for me.

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    I have carried a Glock 22 concealed many times. It rides in a Brommland Max-Con V IWB or a K&D Laredo Defender OWB. Been carrying it for about 4 years without a problem. Never been made while carrying it. So good luck with your decision.
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    get the 23 w/ 22 mags best of both worlds

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    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post

    I use high quality ammo, no reloads. I inspect my ammo (weigh and measure) before using it or putting it in magazines. Any rounds ejected from chamber to clear weapon are put in a plastic bag and later reinspected before I use them (avoiding "set-back" problems.
    Sorry to stray but I need to know, is all this necessary? I mean weighing and inspecting,etc? If so, what are you looking for?

    FWIW I absolutely love my G29 in a "Crossbread Supertuck"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agave View Post
    I'd carry the G22 in a C-TAC. But that's something I could get away with. Carry the biggest gun you can hide.
    Carry the biggest gun you can hide. I can not agree more.
    Sounds like the G22 is the thing for you.

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    I am 5'-10" and 165 pounds. I carry a Gen 4 G22 IWB at 3 o'clock. I use a tuckable desantis holster. It hides away very well. The butt is the hardest part to conceal, but its concealable. I also have a shield 9mm and it has the viridian green react laser with the react holster. The Glock 22 prints less than the shield. Holster is a big deciding factor. What it comes down to overall is what you can shoot (draw, fire, and hit vital parts of target) not what you can conceal. You are more aware and paranoid about printing than anyone around you. Also, look into a mirror to see the print, not look down at your side. Perspective is going to look a lot different in a mirror than you looking down at your side.
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    Glock 22 vs Glock 23 for Concealed Carry. Urgent help!!!-batman.jpg

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