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This is a discussion on concealed carry methods within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I use a fanny pack frequently mostly out of convenience. I really don't care if it screams gun as some might say. I do know ...

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Thread: concealed carry methods

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    Concealed carry method

    I use a fanny pack frequently mostly out of convenience. I really don't care if it screams gun as some might say. I do know that I have had people notice the bag, and either give a polite "Hi" or kind of walk around me. Either way, I have protected myself and have not had to wish I was able to.
    As for wearing dockers with a fanny pack, I would choose an IWB or high ride holster and wear a light jacket for cover. BTW, glad to see a fellow CA CCW holder here.

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    I use a DeSantis Bellyband, strong-side carry for my Glock 30. Works just as well with the shirt tucked in or out and the gun is virtually undetectable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunner
    If you can bring yourself to untuck the shirt, IWB is a great option with a good holster. You can conceal some big pistols very comfortably with an untucked shirt.
    But man is that hard for me to do. I feel like a bum when I try.

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    There was a topic called Newbie Question in the holster part that covered this quite well. I to like my shirts tucked in, specially at work, and thus do not wear on the belt. Take a few moments to check out the other posting and responses and you might find something that you'll like.

    Jeff I'm sorry to disagree with you, but the 5-11 shirt has some serious issues on the street, and some have found it lacking, but hey if it works for you great, I have just found that the UC Comfort is more comfortalbe, versitile and offers more ways to carry extras (such as mags, flashlight, ASP and cuffs)
    "Respect all ... Fear none!!!

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    I would look for a IWB holster there are tuckables out there though the one i tried i didnt like

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjward
    I personally feel that too much emphesis is placed on "speed", I can have my PT111 in my hand in 2-3 seconds and I'm at an advantage because no one knows I have one on me.
    The average person can fire 4 rounds in 1 second. If it takes you 2 seconds to get at you weapon that is potentially 8 rounds heading your way. Don't mean to flame, just an observation.

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