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I can't conceal in a suit!

This is a discussion on I can't conceal in a suit! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It would probably not be any more expensive for you to go get a decent suit tailored to the way you are comfortable carrying than ...

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Thread: I can't conceal in a suit!

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    It would probably not be any more expensive for you to go get a decent suit tailored to the way you are comfortable carrying than to get a quality shoulder rig that you are not used to using. Having a suit that is tailored to your carrying needs seems a more logical idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerinWstuff View Post
    I have a sport coat fitted before I carried and that one SCREAMS gun. I have another that was taylored to fit while wearing my G27 in a MTAC and it works like a champ making a perfect cover garment!
    Exactly. The key is in getting the "drape" to work properly around the bulges. Without tailoring, it's all a guess.
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    +1. Make the tailor's problem to hide the gun. You have enough on your mind just carrying it.

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    Agreed; fix the suit. Then you have at least one you can carry in.

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    Get a Kahr. Designed and built for concealment.

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    I'm surprised nobody asked you about your belt. A GOOD stiff belt is imperative for dress pants. Makes a worls of difference, pulling the holster in tight. Also, with the CB, try adjusting the ride depth and cant.
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    Shoulder rigs are a good idea. Question though, is your church family really into hugging one another? If they are could make for awkward situations. Maybe a kel-tec pf-9, p-11, or a snubnose in a pocket carry holster? Just some ideas that came to mind.

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    When I wear fitted dress suits, I carry a Glock 30 in a Smartcarry. As a skinny guy, that lets me wear even summer-weight suits and not be obvious. Very fast access and surprisingly comfortable.
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    Since you're using a CB Supertuck, how high are you having it ride? (how high are the clips on the holster)

    You could try the deep concealment style, which is the top holes. I tend to prefer the top hole on the rear and the 2nd hole on the front so I have a forward cant. Granted it puts the waistband directly across the side of the frame, but it gives a really nice concealment position.

    G19 might be difficult due to the width of the slide, but I had no issues hiding a M&P45C in the same position while wearing shorts and a tucked-in t-shirt. Your next option might be to look at a shoulder rig, but that won't be hidden if you remove your jacket.

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    If your suit is properly tailored for business your gun should print.

    Just one of those things you get to put up with as a legal gun carrier - poorly fitted clothes. The baggier and more unkempt looking the better to hide a couple of bulbous pounds on your waistline.

    If you can figure out a shoulder holster that may work with a suit - just can't take your jacket off.

    I was once at a function with Lew Merletti in attendance. Lewis C. Merletti - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia His suit looked two sizes too big in certain parts.
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    Try an OWB holster or SmartCarry. I wear suits to work most days, and easily conceal a 1911 OWB. If I am going to take a jacket off during the day or will be in a sensitive area, I carry a Kahr in my Smart Carry.

    How you fit your suits is important. The more closely-fitting Italian suits make concealment more difficult, while American fit suits make both hip carry and shoulder carry easier.

    A vertical shoulder holster like the Bianchi X-15 will conceal best if you go that route.

    The advice to have your suits tailored around your gun is spot-on if you always use the same rig.

    CP Lincoln

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    If your suit prints w/IWB it'll print w/a shoulder holster too. Seriously, do you have any other gun options? I used to be a pastor and wore a gun/suit every Sunday and Wednesday. I ended up buying a Kahr MK9 for that very purpose. A J frame IWB is also okay.

    Probably not enough time to do something about it before the big event? Could you borrow a gun?

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    Yep... SmartCarry... no need to buy an expensive new holster, custom-tailored suits, or a new gun you don't yet trust. You can take off your jacket, and everything is all good...

    Trust me... 50 bucks very well spent... and if for some reason you don't like it, it will sell here pretty quick...
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    I carry a G19 in a suit all the time. Galco Concealable OWB. Easy.

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    All my suits are from Men's Warehouse (I didn't know they were gun friendly till after I got my CCW). One of the things they do to aid concealment, in addition to specially fitting it, is to add extra material inside the jacket where the gun will be. This helps reduce printing. I think they call that the ballistic panel.
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