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Anyone dropped down in caliber?

This is a discussion on Anyone dropped down in caliber? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Interesting discussion: I started out with .380, moved to 9mm, tried .40 but found it too snappy for me and eventually settled on the .45; ...

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Thread: Anyone dropped down in caliber?

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    Interesting discussion: I started out with .380, moved to 9mm, tried .40 but found it too snappy for me and eventually settled on the .45; but recently I had decided to drop back to the 9mm for a number of reasons:

    -Consolidation of the number of calibers I'm stocking
    -I have more guns in 9mm
    -I do shoot it better

    but at the last minute I've decided to hang onto my .45. It's caught up in a mfg's recall so I have time to think it out.

    I think my evolution has been to consolidate around more similar manual of arms. I'm moving more towards all simple DAO type weapons without any manual contrals.

    I like having smaller, thinner, simpler guns because of my size and lower risk lifestyle/location.

    So DAO Kahr's in 9mm and DAO j frames.

    As for .380 the more I read and actually shoot them the more I feel a bit concerned about their real effectiveness. Because of the types of guns that are available it's not too difficult to have a 9mm or .38 with me instead so I carry them less and less and really only find a niche for them in a true pocket carry scenario in very lightweight dress pants.

    I expect that at the end of the day I'll probably end up with 4 dedicated CCW guns:

    a Kahr MK9, a S&W 640-1, an S&W 642, and eventually a Kahr K9

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    I started out carrying a G23. I then started shooting IDPA a lot and got 9mm Glocks for that. After a while I decided to standardize my ammo and moved all the way to 9mm. Now I carry a G19.

    I wanted to start shooting ESP in IDPA so I got a Springfield Loaded Target in 9mm for that.
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    A few years ago I was shopping for dedicated CCW guns when I was thinking about getting my Ohio CHL. I came to a choice between the Glock 19 and the Glock 23.

    I've got a Glock 22. I like that gun, but with hot self-defense ammunition the muzzle whip is very pronounced. I decided that if it was that bad in the full sized gun, it could hardly be better in a smaller, lighter gun. So I went with the Glock 19.

    I've been EXTREMELY pleased with the 2nd Generation Glock 19 I bought from Summit Gun Broker. It's very accurate and has been 100% reliable so far, both with FMJs and the 147gr. Winchester White Box JHPs that I carry in it. It's also very easy to control.

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    Always had a 9mm around but my caliber progression for carry went .357, .44 Spl., .45, .40 and about 3 or so years back, 9mm. Just so much cheaper to shoot and still effective as a pistol can be.
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    I actually started the other way started with a J frame 38 spl, I'm a full time 45 now.
    this is my %90 of the time EDC, Bonds derringer 45LC

    if I'm not working or have days off I carry a 3" 1911
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    I don't know what you consider "down" but went from a 1911A1 .45 to a Witness 10MM. Why? I like the gun and the round better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by llongshot View Post
    I don't know what you consider "down" but went from a 1911A1 .45 to a Witness 10MM. Why? I like the gun and the round better.
    You went up IMO > I stated with a .357 4in revolver & now carry a 9mm auto So I wen down IMO
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    Situation permitting, I carry a 1911. Situation not permitting, I carry a G19 or a Kahr PM9. No reservations about the 9mm, just prefer a 1911 platform. Oh yeah, and the tacticoolness of a full steel GI Joe gun with the hammer cocked and locked. Some boys never grow up.

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    I started with a 3.5" 1911 45,and now carry an M&P 45c,I also other guns in 9mm or 40 that I can carry if the need arises,smallest is a P 11
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    Yea.....done it many times.....gone from 9mm to .45, back to 9mm....back to .38 special....but in general....I carry the 9mm or the .38 equally.
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    I almost exclusively carry 9mm, G26, Kel Tec pf9. I have carried Kec Tec 380 and I always felt under gunned. I really feel anything less than a 9mm should be reserved for backup duty, unless ultra deep concealment is your only option.

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    Yep. I carried a couple of different .40 S&W's for several years. Carried a .45 for a short time, too.

    Now I carry a snub .38 special. Easier to carry, easier to conceal when it's necessary, and it's enough to get me out of trouble.

    The heavier/larger firearms got left in the truck once in a while, and they aren't much use there. I've carried and shot enough years to be confidant in my abilities with the .38 special.

    I know, lots of gun folks recommend bigger guns, but I've known more than a few that resorted to a .38 special for their own EDC for general purposes. I have bigger guns if I feel a need, but the snub is always with me.


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    My wife told me size doesn't matter, so I will stick with 9mm.
    S&W M&P 9c
    Ruger LCR + P (.38)
    Kahr PM9
    Taurus M851 (.38)

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    I'm feeling good about my Kel-Tec P11 for reasons already mentioned here, including higher capacity, accurate, cheaper to practice, & what Gabe Suarez has to say about it.

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