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Public CCW exposure question

This is a discussion on Public CCW exposure question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Rocnerd I'm with P95carry. I keep pants up high and put gun in underwear. This keeps both out of sight and in ...

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Thread: Public CCW exposure question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocnerd
    I'm with P95carry. I keep pants up high and put gun in underwear. This keeps both out of sight and in reach as well as making sure you won't leave it in the stall. As for the gym, I would either leave it in the car(secured) or remove it in the car and stick it in gym bag to bring in with me and lock in locker.
    That is what the FBI and most LE agencies currently go with. I really wouldn't use a door hook- someone deciding to give you a "scare" by slapping/hitting the door hard could easily drop it for you. I know my pieces have passed drop-tests.....I'm just not anxious to test it myself!

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    I'm not as concerned with someone in an ajoining stall as I am with someone seeing my gun through the cracks where the door and framing meet. I position the holster so it falls behind my right leg. I also as another poster said keep my pants up around my knees and don't let them fall completely to the floor. Anyone looking in will not be able to see it. When finished I stand with my left shoulder toward the door so once again the gun is away from those cracks. Hope this make sense.

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    For the restroom, I'm a pants at knees guy for the same reasons others have mentioned, plus two. 1. I don't like my pants laying on a nasty bathroom floor. 2. Thinking from a bad guy's perspective, I think a restroom would be a great place to rob/attack someone. The victim is sort of immobile having dropped trou, and thus will have difficulty resisting and giving chase. So...I'm not real keen on placing my weapon out of immediate reach. Carrying IWB with pants at knees, it is still in a position from which one could make a seated draw.

    As an aside to reason #2 (no pun intended), a man I took a course from a while back relayed a strategy that he said was popular back then. A two-man team would follow a victim to the restroom. Once the victim was seated, the skinny guy would dive under the door and grab the feet, then the bigger accomplice would pull him out, dragging the victim with him feet first. One of the BG's would produce some type of blade and threaten the victim with, uh, genital modification if he resisted giving up his wallet, etc. Sounds like a lot of work on the part of the bad guys, but it did point out that you don't get a "time out" just because you need to use the facilities.

    Personally, I avoid public stalls unless absolutely necessary.

    As far as a gym, I have a Nordic Track and a set of weights in the basement. Cheap, and no waiting for machines. I'd be inclined to go the car safe route, though. I've never had much confidence in gym lockers.


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    i also carry IWB and keep my pants at my knees. I surely won't set my piece on the towel holder or hang it from a hook

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    I carry IWB mostly. When sitting down the gun comes out and rests in a hankerchief (carried for this purpose only) between my legs, in the cradle of material from the pants/shorts.. Won't drop down, can't be seen, ready for use if needed. In the Gym, carry an extra holster in your bag and place the gun into your bag BEFORE you leave your car. If your seen with an "empty" holster most will think that you left it in your car. Your choice to stick it into your belt holster or leave it in your bag when you leave (done with out being seen). It's worked for me!

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    Bathroom Use when Carrying

    I was up in NH the other day where I have a carry permit. I was carrying my Glock 23 in an OWB holster when I went to use the bathroom the damned thing slid off the belt and right onto the floor. Fortunately the bathroom was one person occupancy only and locked. I learned something that day and also by reading the posts to your original questions so there were no dumb questions! Thank you.

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    Nature Call Problems

    All great advice about using the bathroom while carrying. One thing not many people take into consideration when carrying. Just one other thing. If you are in the stall and see someone peeking at you through the cracks, maybe the best place for your gun is in your hand. JUST KIDDING!!!

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    smart carry

    another advantage to this system, just slide the whole rig up to your chest and have a seat. Gun never leaves you. disarming in the stall seems to cover the gym problem if you cannot leave it in car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delg23
    another advantage to this system, just slide the whole rig up to your chest and have a seat. Gun never leaves you. disarming in the stall seems to cover the gym problem if you cannot leave it in car.
    does that smart carry work on service sized weapons and i mean with comfort and good fit?

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    Leave the pants hiked up to the knees or place the whole shibang on the back of the toilet or the TP holder if it's big enough. For the gym, I remove my piece in the car and lock it up there. Anytime I ahve to remove my piece and leave it in the car I, I always remove the magazine, clear the chamber, then place the gun, the magazine and the holster in different areas of my truck. If someone were to break into it, they would have to look for at least the gun and then the mag in order to have a working pistol to walk away with.
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