Ankle carry

Ankle carry

This is a discussion on Ankle carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I give up! Am I the only one that just can't seem to make ankle carry work. I bought a Fobus elite ankle holster for ...

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Thread: Ankle carry

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    Ankle carry

    I give up! Am I the only one that just can't seem to make ankle carry work. I bought a Fobus elite ankle holster for my j frame today to carry mostly while sitting in my car or in a restaurant. By the time I strap the thing on and put the weapon in it I have this hunk sticking out over two inches grabbing my pants leg which anyone would see, and then begins to slide down to the top of my shoe. I tighten this thing up as much as I can But do not see how anyone carries anything much bigger than a derringer here. Help! am I the only one with this problem or is there a secret. Wearing it on the inside of my left leg.
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    What you need is a "Calf-Strap" which goes around your leg just below the knee but above your calf. The strap then hooks onto holster. The holster never slips down with it.

    Here is a link:

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    Yep.. I have an ankle holster and it has the upper calf strap.. When walking brisk or walking easy I have no problem,.. I wouldn't want to run with it on, but then again I never have.. ??? Stays put and I don't notice it after the first fifteen minutes.. After 6-8 hours it starts to feel tight under the cuff of it..
    I don't like Ankle carry for many reasons, but sometimes that is the only choice,... I'd rather have it on my ankle then no-where at all....

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    Fobus elite ankle holster

    Renegade Ankle Holster out of Phoenix, AZ or Galco Ankle Glove.

    Renegade doesn't have a website, but if you Google them you will get their phone number. They are a small Mom and Pop business, but make one of the best ankle holsters in the business.

    Galco is a good one too. I'm about to replace my Galco and go with a Renegade again, but the Galco has served me well for ten years of off/on Ankle Carry. It's finally worn out.


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    I've been seriously looking at that Galco one and have been wondering if it is worth the monetary risk. It looks like exactly what I want...

    Similarly, are there any good ones that hold well just under the knee instead of the ankle?

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    I've never ankle carried. I can't keep my highwater overalls low enough to hide the gun...
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    Uncle mike's has a good one with an calf strap. Affordable enough to give it a try to see if it works.

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    Maybe I should start a different thread, but I have been wondering if ankle carry would be an impediment, or dangerous, if one needed to resort to a martial -arts move in which a kick could make the gun go flying, or expose it for a grab; perhaps just that the rig would give an opponent something to grab hold of.

    So, the question, do any of you think an ankle holster could get in the way of a non-lethal response, or perhaps make you more vulnerable while executing a kick.

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    +1 BikerRN one the GALCO Ankel Glove My Brother used one going one 10 years+ ; )
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    I use the Galco ankle glove and it works just fine. My only issue is that my skin is somewhat sensitive so I wear a handkerchief (clean) underneath the spandex type part so that I don't get irritated. I never have a problem with my 357 moving.


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    Used an ankle holster for years, when on duty and always used a calf strap. Galco is one of the best...
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    I use a Bianchi Triad for my j frame and I'm very satisfied with this low cost investment. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armydad View Post
    I use the Galco ankle glove and it works just fine. My only issue is that my skin is somewhat sensitive so I wear a handkerchief (clean) underneath the spandex type part so that I don't get irritated. I never have a problem with my 357 moving.

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    Check your pants (no taper allowed), you need at least straight legs with some extra length. Get yourself an Ankle Glove (I've had no need for a calf strap) or a Renegade for a better fit and ride.
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    Get a Renegade and see the difference. Trust me you WILL like ankle carry after carrying a J-Frame in a Renegade rig. I can literally sprint with it for short distances. Call the good folks at Renegade (direct they have the best price I've found anyway). Get the Cozy Partner #500. It has an elastic pull-through strap that retains the gun very well but requires no unsnapping or thumb breaks to access the gun if needed.

    Here you go, all you have to do is dial....

    Renegade Holsters
    3711 E Gelding Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85032-5233
    (602) 482-6777

    I think this one in the pic was around 10 years of nearly daily use...

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