You carry a LOADED gun?

You carry a LOADED gun?

This is a discussion on You carry a LOADED gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Privately, I joke with my oldest brother (card carrying republican) that he is an anti-gun liberal because he owns a hunting gun, but no rounds ...

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    You carry a LOADED gun?

    Privately, I joke with my oldest brother (card carrying republican) that he is an anti-gun liberal because he owns a hunting gun, but no rounds in the house, does not own a handgun, does not have a CC permit. I'm the youngest, the middle and I do this to him all the time, when it is just immediate family. We sometimes ask to see his man card.

    Well, guess my nephews (all are 16+) shared my middle brother and I carry with a cousin-in-law of theirs when they found out he just received his CC permit. So he (the in-law) greated my brother and I by saying, "I got my man card."

    3rd party hears, notices that we are showing our permits to each other, who I know is a bit anti, asks in unapproving tone, "You carry a LOADED gun?" Without pause I state, "Well not loaded." She did not get the sarcasm, walks away stating, "Well thats good, but by the time you load it, it would be to late." I reply, "Thats a good point, I'll think about that."

    I've really enjoyed that. Maybe she was being sarcastic, IDK, but still, was an interesting interaction.
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    Maybe she did get it,you may not have time/ability to chamber a round
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    Just because she's anti, doesn't mean she doesn't understand that an unloaded gun is an expensive paper weight.

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    I've heard someone ask, "Isn't that dangerous?" ...and the reply, "I wouldn't carry it if it wasn't!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanis View Post
    "You carry a LOADED gun?"
    My God what is this world coming to? LOADED GUN, sheesh! What, next you will want to use it to defend yourself!

    The only people who should be allowed to carry a gun are the police or military, especially now that they can operate on domestic soil!

    You must be some kind of whack job! NORMAL people just walk around as victims and allow the media to manipulate them into giving up their few remaining rights. Im glad I know who you are so I can stay away! (This is all tongue in cheek of course)

    That's funny actually, man card!

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    My buddy and I know a guy at work that is the same way. He has his CCP and carries a gun every single day, but says we're crazy for carrying our guns with one in the chamber.
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    I'm with Thanis on this one

    If I'm loaded its not a good idea to have a loaded weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I've heard someone ask, "Isn't that dangerous?" ...and the reply, "I wouldn't carry it if it wasn't!"
    So much truth and meaning packed into two sentences. Very good.

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    Say "it's loaded and i got 30 extra rounds"

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    May I suggest, that it is not TOO early start getting involved in the 2010 midterm elections. Invstigate your potential candidates and support the right ones with your words, actions and pocketbook. We are now in a good position to start retaking control of the political direction in which we find ourselves today.

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    It better be loaded,if not it doesn't even make a good hammer

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    No problems with a loaded gun as long as you are not loaded while carrying a gun.

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    There are three things that I regularly carry on my belt. Every day, everywhere I go.

    They are: a cell phone, a Leatherman tool, and a loaded handgun.

    And if I were to guess which one (among the masses) causes the most injuries/deaths to people, I'd say the cell phone. I see people talking/texting on their cell phone while driving almost every day, and I've narrowly avoided a few of them that were texting.

    I've accidently cut myself a few times with the Leatherman tool, so it's not entirely safe, either.

    I've never been hurt by my handgun, even though it's only UNloaded when I'm cleaning it.


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    Unloaded without a round in the chamber, isn't it like a seatbelt, unbuckled, or a fire extinguisher, exhausted, or a fire alarm, without a battery, or a wife without ice cream?
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    My reply has been to " isn't that dangerous" ..... "only if it's pointed at someone and you pull the trigger". The reponse is always.. "huh???".

    It should be .. "duh".

    Would you try to use a hammer that didn't have a handle ? Duh !

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