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Thread: Fishing and carrying

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    Fishing and carrying?
    Of course, I carry where ever I go and after being threatened by tournament professionals over "spots" you bet I'm carrying.
    I don't fly fish, so I don't (hopefully) have to worry about getting wet.
    After being told in no uncertain terms that other people who are fishing for big bucks are more important that I am and will do "whatever they have to" to fish an area of their choosing, I carry, usually a .45 and of course my Canon. They have a chance of being shot with one or the other if I am threatened. I have given fair warning that if I am harassed I will take pictures and/or vidoe to be turned over to a tournament director for disqualification, and if the threat becomes violent I am prepared for a stronger defense.
    With $200,000 on the line some people can become quite ignorant.
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    I carry my Seecamp while flyfishing. I place it in a plastic ziplock and depending on what I'm wearing, it either goes in my vest, in the chest pocket of my waders, or in a small, soft tackle pack.

    Honestly, I could prob forego the ziplock if I wanted to, as others have said, a little water isn't going to hurt anything.......
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    If anything, you're really more vulnerable when you are out wading in a stream as your escape is severely hampered.

    Guns won't get destroyed if they get dunked in the water unless you fail to properly maintain and clean it at the end of the day. Otherwise, Navy Seal's would be fighting with sticks.

    Certainly a Glock is a good choice for such a task, but really whatever you usually carry is probably just as good.

    The question is how to carry it while in waders and the answer really just takes a little imagination. There are plenty of rigs and methods to carry a weapon when fishing, regardless if you are in a boat, on the shore or in waders.

    When I was on a float trip last summer, I pocket carried my XD9sc in my shorts. I had it in a zip lock bag and then shoved in my DeSantis Nemesis. That wasn't necessary and I knew I was sacrificing speed by having it in a zip lock, but I didn't know how often I was going to be in the water and I did want it to be as dry as possible.

    Still, I wasn't looking to needing a quick draw on the river. Just having the gun with me was what was called for.

    I am more concerned with needing a gun while in some remote area than I am on the street of my small town of 3,000 people.

    Always armed and always discreet is my motto. Stay safe out there!
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    I lived in Alaska for several years, and always carried a full-sized revolver in a shoulder holster under my fly fishing vest. Never had a problem with comfort or anything else, even wading

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    I fell in while fishing a couple months ago. I took my XD sc 9 apart when I got home and made sure it was thoroughly dried and oiled. The "plastic" frame guns are going to have less issues with water than the steel frame guns.

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    Thanks to all I am looking for a shoulder rig for my Glock 19. It goes without saying I am a nut when it comes to keeping them well oiled and clean.
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    I also carry my K-Bar on the left side!
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    Didn't read all the post so I hope I'm not repeating. I would give it a MiliTec1 treatment, it's great stuff. It's a bake on treatment you can easily do in three steps, just follow the link if you have never heard of it. Good luck

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