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I don't think they'll let you take OC into PNC park. On the other hand, if the security is like Heinz field, they don't check you very thoroughly and they don't have metal detectors. I'm not saying you should break the rules here.
Their website says no weapons, but the bag checking at the gate might as well be non existent. I had a camera bag and they just waived me on through. I could have easily CC'd there.

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Very safe area. Love PNC Park. Although I'm sure, like me, you feel like you're missing something anytime (and all the time) you aren't carrying, feel secure while you visit that area of the city. A lot of people and high police presence. Have a great time!!!!
I agree. I had to go through downtown to cross the river and I felt reasonably comfortable walking to the park. Significant police presence was nice.

Upon leaving the game, one of the LEO's there asked if we were coming back tomorrow night. I was one of seven in my group surrounded by a sea of folks in Phillies attire. There was seventeen thousand at the game and I estimate three-fourths were phillies fans. We really boosted their gate receipts.

Nonetheless, all is well that ends well. Thanks to all who wished me good luck. Hope the anti's don't read this. They'll say, "See, you don't need a gun to be safe".