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Keeping my mouth concealed

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Thread: Keeping my mouth concealed

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    See my sig below ... to me, it includes the pie hole too. Never tell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainPacker View Post
    A bunch of the guys here were explaining to me how Arizona was a right to carry state and how they all had their permits. . . . I didn't want to say, "Me too!!"
    Oh, but it is so tempting to say "Me too." The "Me too" should be revealed only to the closest family and closest trusted friends, and not to some co-workers in another city.

    "Ya done good!"
    Live every day so that you can, with a clear conscience, look all men in their eyes and tell them to go to hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainPacker View Post
    I'm at one of our other branches today, in Arizona. A bunch of the guys here were explaining to me how Arizona was a right to carry state and how they all had their permits. I just responded, "That works for me."

    I didn't want to say, "Me too!!" and have word get back around to my branch. Nor did I want to expose how much I knew about their law, like the fact that they'll finally be let into restaurants that server alcohol on September 30, because no one from out of state would know that unless they had a reason to stay up to date.

    Nobody must know that we are silently moving through society as guardians of the flock of sheeple.

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    Good response. I completely agree with keeping it quiet.

    I had a similar situation at work recently where I handed a guy my phone to see a picture and he ended up seeing a pic of one of my guns. He asked if I had my CCW. I just replied "why?". Then he started talking about recent robberies in the area and the conversation went on without ever going back to his question.

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    I like that answer!

    Im still waiting on permit.. But the only people who know im in the process of obtaining a CHL, are my father, 2 very close friends (1 w/ CHL, other in process), and my g/f.. They know silence is golden, and I trust each of them. Other then that, nope!
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    Nice composure.

    Since I train, I probably would have been passing out cards and going for renewal class prospects, he he.
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